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    New Wiki server coming

    As Scotty used to say, "She cannae take it Capt'um!"

    We expected things to busy up but it's taking a right royal hammering so we've ordered a new server with 'go faster' stripes on. Not sure on the ETA of it but we are fast tracking it and then Rushster will do his thing on it.

    I blame those who've made it such a damn good resource ;p

    Hang in their users and Ink Slingers, and apologies for any frustration caused with surfing speed.

    Remember to Ctrl A - Ctrl C before you hit save in case it time's out.

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    Re: New Wiki server coming

    ...and there was much rejoicing.

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    Re: New Wiki server coming

    Quick update

    I have applied a temp fix to the problem and the wiki should be fast. New server takes 7 days so this should be fine for now. Nice and fast for me

    Rushster - Admin,


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