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Thread: MP thread

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    MP thread

    Not sure if this is needed/wanted. I'll leave it up for a bit and see how it goes.

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    Re: MP thread

    I suspect that the ingame options will negate the need for a thread in D3 m'dear.

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    Re: MP thread

    Anybody interested in starting out a single-pass co-op group from lvl-1 to (and hopefully through) inferno difficulty?

    I am playing on US servers and on EST time. Every Mon to Thursday after 9pm works for me and I will definitely be playing much more than that these couple weeks. Post here or add me in-game if you are interested.

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    Re: MP thread

    Are you summer time or double summer time? (Yeah, I didn't know that was even a thing.)

    EST DST is UTC-4, so if you're in summer time, 9 pm on the east coast of the US is 2 am in England.

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    Re: MP thread

    Won't be happening for me either

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    Re: MP thread

    Yeah, I do not think we can work it out with you EU folks. My times are more flexible than that right now but I will be limited to 9pm+ again after 2 weeks. And I feel it would take much more than 2 weeks to tackle inferno difficulty.

    Thanks for the try though =).

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    Re: MP thread

    I'm playing almost the same time (I'm GMT -3 btw) and I'm interested in MP. Can I add you in game?

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    Re: MP thread

    Any EU SPF members up for occasional co-op if/when spotted online? (So, fairly casual then.)

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