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    Teleportation Tuesdaily

    Since I haven't been to Asia in over a month, its time for me to go back. Do you have any idea how much money will be made by the guy who invents teleporting and saves the wear on the body and mind that long flights cause? Not to mention the ability to find a really good time anywhere in the world.

    RL: Sleep, read, sleep, read, have a drink, and avoid airline food at all cost.

    D2: That would be a huge negative.

    OVG: Also no.

    See y'all in a few weeks.


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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    Um, I demand this thread be renamed to "I can haz Diablo III Tuesdaily." Not everyone in this SPF is playing it, but this is a once in a lifetime chance to make a daily about it!

    Safe flight, CorMol! I'd love to travel all over Asia myself. Someday... someday...

    RL: Just got back home with my CE and am installing as I type. Then I'll have to try and fill an hour until the servers come online. From that point on, nothing else in RL will matter today.

    D2/OVG: AHHHH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ...ahem... Probably not.

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    City of Titans - Smashed the goal - More info here

    "Retail made me learn to despise humanity and welcome the apocalypse. Still waiting world."
    - Kellic Youdontneedmylastname

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    Wow, my forum does not like the D3 launch! RL: work, handball. Overslept so I didn't get breakfast. I'm looking forward to lunch.D2: brought my poisonmancer to a3 hell yesterday. Maybe some more of him. He's awesome.

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    RL: Exams are still on, which means i cannot haz D3 this tuesdaily.... oh well, degree first and all that. More company law revision for me.

    D2/3: Nope

    OVG: Some football manager this evening

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    RL: Not a lot.

    D2: Yep.

    D3: Not until the initial excitement dies down.

    OVG: Nope.

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    I've posted on the other forum's thread, but since almost a day passed from 4 am...

    RL: Unexpected, I'm having time for it since...

    D2/D3: D3 thing seems to be down. Barb is ending act 2 I think. The rune skill thing is really cool, but maybe not cool enough for 10+ years replayability. Oh, well, more on that later.

    Note: I found my first legendary item on d3, and it's garbage... Name is kinda cool. Non-sense, but cool.!-SPF-IFT

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    What a slow daily :(

    RL: work, baseball, meeting....blah blah blah

    D2: Huh?

    D3: Yes, and my CE just finally arrived!

    OVG: Huh?

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    Re: Teleportation Tuesdaily

    RL: Work, friends, garden, cooking, babysitting.

    Sidenote: I saw Rizzo made 2 posts! Long time...

    D2: Sorc in Kurast Bazaar, Normal, but not much time for her today. Was thinking of getting the Tome but I'm too sleepy.

    D3: Have to wait to buy it - lots of money being spent on other things. So my RL friends will all be experts on their 3rd characters by the time I get it. So I guess I will be hanging with whatever SPFers are also going to be later starters. Or just soloing the way I did in open beta.

    OVG: nuh-uh


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