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    IncGamers Member
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    Apr 2012

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    Battletag: Chubbs#1568
    Region: Americas
    Class: 60 Barb, 60 Monk, 52 WD, 30 Wiz, 30 DH
    Current progress: Getting ready to try inferno on my barb, comfortably farming A3 Hell for paragon levels
    Playtime: Whenever my GF is at work Usually late hours in EST

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    IncGamers Member LprMan's Avatar
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    Oct 2003

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    Anyone else playing selffound? If you do, please add me to play coop sometimes

    Battletag: Sire#2483
    Region: EU
    Class: Any
    Current progress: 3 characters in Hell A2, one preparing for Hell Butcher.
    Playtime: Evenings/nights and weekends (timezone: EET/EEST)

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    IncGamers Member
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    Sep 2012

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    This is a great idea! Everyone here seems to be pretty cool, too, unlike the Troll's cave that is the BN forums. (wonder how it got so bad?)

    I just started HC. It really is the only way to play, in my opinion. Much more engrossing and exciting and a lot more fun. I was actually about to quit Diablo 3 before I even tried half the classes because it got old so fast, but HC mode really made the game for me.

    Battletag: Enkidu#1471
    Region: North America
    Class: 25 Wizard (first HC character--- still ticking, even after a few close calls!)
    Current progress: Act 3 Normal.
    I've got Skype (though I still need to create an account, I think) and I'm going to invest in a headset here shortly, I think. I'd prefer to play with people who did as well.

    I've got a SC Wizard at level 59 headed into Inferno and a low-level Monk that I haven't touched in a while, so I'm still a bit new to the game. Still, HC mode is breaking me of a lot of my bad habits. I'm usually on after Midnight PST, as I work from 4PM to 12AM. Thursdays/Fridays are my days off. I play pretty casually, though, so that varies a lot.

    Inferno Diablo or bust!

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    IncGamers Member
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    Aug 2012

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    Just started playing hardcore again after new patch, i would like to find some friends. I did repair my ISP problems and now i can play hc without getting disconected from time to time.
    Region: EUROPE
    Char: Any ( currently Witch Doctor act2 nightmare)
    Play hours: Evenings, Nights and Weekends. GMT +2 timezone.

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    IncGamers Member winterone's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    BattleTag Winteone-1620

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    recently started...
    Battletag: Winterone#1620
    Class: Barb 12,Wiz 9,Demon Hunter 16(currently)
    2 Deaths 47,33 hhhhh(but loving it!)

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    IncGamers Site Pal Lord_Vega's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    BattleTag Vegameister-2492

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    Here's my info, though I play self found and do not want to have any contact with AH "tainted" chars.

    Battletag: Vegameister#2492
    Region: Europe
    Class: Barb 55, Wiz 27, DH 27 (barb is in act II hell, others in normal).
    Play Hours: whenever my girlfriend is at work.
    Deaths in HC so far: level 42 wiz (computer freeze).

    Will gladly trade/help out with wp's and bosses with other self found characters

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    IncGamers Member
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    Jul 2012

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    This thread seems a bit old... but i hope someone still reads it

    Battletag: oudam-2583
    Region: Europe
    Class: WD 60(18) currently playing a3 mp1, I also have a back up monk and some lower level chars.
    Play hours: whenever i can, but quite a lot
    Deaths: 3 barbs between 52, 53, 59, two of them to dc

    Mainly looking for someone to farm with, since it's more fun, and also gives a somewhat better chance to survive a dc (knock on wood). Would be awesome to play with wc and moc
    If you're just looking for someone to trade wp:s with, i'm okay with that as well.

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    IncGamers Member
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    Sep 2011
    Sacramento, CA

    Need some more friends for 1.08?

    I'm not sure about most of you but i have pretty much played D3 solo. Most of my old diablo friends bailed on the game in the first few months.

    With 1.08 i can't resist that multi player buff so anyone that wants to add some new friends for 1.08 post your details and times you play.

    PlayerTag: SweetIrony#1947
    Normal Play Time: U.S. Pacific Time (9 PM - 1 AM)
    CHARACTER: 60 Barb (PL 21)

    Oh.. and 3 cheers for Identify All.... finally!

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    IncGamers Member
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    Aug 2007
    Stockholm, Sweden
    BattleTag iMikee-2957

    Re: Need some more friends for 1.08?

    Server: EU
    BT: iMikee#2957
    Play time: GMT+1, usual hours 7am-9am and after 8pm. Every once in a while I'm on all day (student)
    Character: Barb PL 11

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    IncGamers Member
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    Oct 2008
    BattleTag mattias-2339

    Re: HC Players Contact List

    Battletag: mattias#2339,
    Region: Europe
    Class: Monk 60(20) currently farming mp1. Waiting for friends to try some ubers. Got 3 machines stashed up atm.

    Looking for someone to farm with and/or doing some ubers.


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