[1.13d HC FAM FTS]

My fishymancer made it successfully to hell and I'm looking to replace a few pieces of his gear. What I'm looking for is to fix his resists especially lightning and cold, get max block and get a little bit of MF on him so any of the pieces bellow will be of great help.

Harlequin Crest
Skullder's Ire

Other stuff that would be nice to have but not really important:
Amber/Sapphire/Ruby Grand Charm of Anything (probably two if I decide to put MF gems in the Shako/Skullder's)
Chance Guards/Goldwrap/War Traveler (lower roll)
Cheap(ish) necro amulet (Skill/MF/Resists)
Gheed's Fortune (random roll)
Arm of King Leoric (don't really care that much for this one)

80 PGems
Ist, Mal, Lem