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    Confused about runes

    Are runes supposed to stack over skill or replace that skill ?

    Shock Pulse: Release a medium range pulse of 3 unpredictable charges of electricity that deal 105% weapon damage as Lightning.

    With Fire Bolts: Cast bolts of fire that each deal 136% weapon damage as Fire. ( replace? )
    With Explosive Bolts: Slain enemies explode, dealing 70% weapon damage as Lightning to every enemy within 10 yards. ( stack? )

    Its a bit confusing.

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    Re: Confused about runes

    The rune values don't stack on top of the existing skill. They simply modify the original skill to have the properties listed.

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    Re: Confused about runes

    Yes and yes. it changes based on rune/skill, there's no single rule that defines them all.

    Some just add +%damage to the base skill, others completely change how the base skill works, others change the damage type, others make it cheaper to cast. Every rune is different.


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