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    PvE Build - Ultra Fast Mana Regeneration with Huge DMG

    I was thinking about the PvE build which would be fun to play, and realized that what gives fun is using all of that fancy skills we got and casting those skills requires lots of mana. This is when I came up with this Ultra Fast Mana Regeneration Build:!UWb!acYcab

    The fundament of this build is Vision Quest passive skill which gives you huge 300% mana regeneration when 4 of your skills are on cooldown. For this to work, we need skills which have long cooldown duration so we can focus on fighting and using our huge regeneration instead of checking all the time if we have all cooldowns needed.

    So here we have:
    Gargauntuan (increased dmg rune) - CD 60 sec
    Big Bad Vodoo (increased dmg rune) - CD 120 sec
    Mass Confussion (DoT rune) - CD 60 sec
    Wall Of Zombies (huge dmg rune) - CD 25 sec

    Before the fight we cast Voodoo and Gargantuan with their long CDs. When we meet monster pack we start our fight with Mass Confussion spell on them with 60 sec cooldown.

    Then we cast Wall of Zombies offensive spell with 25 sec cooldown.

    Now we have about 100 sec of big bad vodoo cooldown, 50 sec of gargauntuan cooldown, 55 sec of mass confusion and 25 sec of wall of zombies.

    This is how we got 25 sec of huge mana regeneration to spam with fire bats and acid cloud. After that 25 seconds, we only need to cast once again Wall Of Zombies spell which gives us another 25 seconds of 300% mana regeneration, because we still have our long lasting cooldowns from big bad voodoo, gargantuan and mass confusion.

    Because of our mana regeneration we can further leverage dmg with the Pierce the Veil passive skill which gives us +20% dmg for +30% mana cost. Our mana is further supported by Spiritual Attunement passive skill which gives us + 20 % max mana and + 1%/s mana regen.

    What you think? How would you improve this build?

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    Re: PvE Build - Ultra Fast Mana Regeneration

    Like this,!dbU!cYaZaa

    More survavibility, which you will surely need in hell and inferno. Also, you can gain 30% mana every 15 sec from your walk.

    Might replace Soul Harvest with Hex, having to use Soul Harvest every 15 sec to keep up vision quest is a downer. :(

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    Re: PvE Build - Ultra Fast Mana Regeneration

    I'm a bit skeptical about Pierce and Veil. Whether you'll have enough Mana or not depends on how Vision Quest is applied to Spiritual Attunement. If it's multiplicative you may be able to get by, but if it's additive, you'll not be able to sustain Dire Bats in long fights. Also, your defense seems pretty weak for higher levels. Gargauntuan has no supporting passives and if it dies mid-battle you can't recast it; Mass Confusion has a small radius and long CD; and your rune choice makes Wall of Zombies completely offensive. As for offensive spells, Corpse Bomb conflicts with Dire Bats, as both require continuous casting. I would take one of the DoT runes or switch Acid Cloud to Haunt.

    This is my take on the Vision Quest build. It aims at maximizing Dire Bats DPS potential and adds Gruesome Feast synergies for additional Mana regen and damage boost. It also has adequate defense from the all the CD spells. Some potential problems with this build include recasting Grasp of Dead every 8s and fire immunes at higher levels.

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    Re: PvE Build - Ultra Fast Mana Regeneration

    I posted this on pets or petless thread already. Mine is based on Grave Injustice and Vision Quest. Lots of defensive spells with small cooldowns and soul harvest. Its a petless build.!ZTU!YbbYaZ

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    Re: PvE Build - Ultra Fast Mana Regeneration

    No doubt the WD has some interesting mana regen possibilities, but what do you guys think the is the best way to actually use all the mana? So far on this thread I've seen a focus on firebats and acid cloud.

    IMO, there are six options to choose from when looking at spammable skills that cost enough to warrant a mana regen build:

    • Firebats - maybe the best / most versitle?
    • Haunt - can be a mana generator with rune + Rush of essence passive
    • Locust Swarm - Seems cool but can't tell for sure yet
    • Zombie Charger - Cool but perhaps too short range
    • Spirit Barrage - can be a mana generator with rune + Rush of essence passive
    • Acid Cloud - maybe the best choice?

    So which 1-2 skills and runes will you use to take advantage of that high mana regen rate?


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