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    diablo 3 keybind config file?

    Just wondering where the diablo 3 keybinds are stored at? I found the D3Prefs.txt file in the my documents section but that just has video and audio settings. I sure hope this stuff isn't stored server-side. I set up all my binds in beta the way i liked and was hoping to just copy and paste that file over to the d3 client when i get it installed.

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    Re: diablo 3 keybind config file?

    As far as I can tell it's stored on their servers, which I thought was a good idea (not that they are the first, Steam already does that). You will only need to do it once when you install the final game, then you'll be good to go. I've looked in the C:\ProgramData\ folder and there is not configuration document there neither so.... I think you are out of luck.

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    Re: diablo 3 keybind config file?

    It's like wow I think, they're stored server side.


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