Forum Name: Malicious
Date: 4 May 2012
Versions Played: 1.07, 1.09 and 1.13d atm. Will be looking to switch my 1.09 into 1.09b and also start 1.10s for beta RWs
Mod Status: RWM, RRM, modified dll for multi-instance
HC/SC Status: SC only
Other Information: This is my first profile posting, so I think according to the rules I'll need to wait a bit until I can actually trade. I am currently working on 1.07 stuff, i.e. crafted items, Ravenclaws, eth items, etc. Aiming to set up to move some stuff to 1.09b to level up (players 64 ftw) and then try to craft some beta RWs. Once I have all that established I'll focus more on 1.13d again. I do have stuff in 1.13d available to trade though.

I use GoMule for 1.13d, and ATMA for the older versions, if that is relevant to anyone.

As far as trading is concerned, I am fairly easy-going. I'm open to most things, like the bugged MPK recipe items, bugged life leech rings, etc. I have heard of the ATMA bugged items, which is the only thing I'm not comfortable trading for.

Probation Period Status: Probation