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    Re: Til We Meet Again Thursdaily

    I've put in more hours/day than I initially planned and my score hasn't moved in the last 12ish hours. My effective unique mf and speed has both increased by about 20 percent since the beginning to. At least I have a Lo to show for it?
    MFO is about all I've been thinking about or doing, lately.
    It's nice to be back in my apartment with my gf, though.

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    Re: Til We Meet Again Thursdaily

    RL: Went to the doctor. Asked is she could help me out with some paperwork(I need a doctor to write up my history and give it to some other doctors), and she said 'no problem'. She's the best doctor ever.

    D2: Yes. Today was dedicated to getting on FE's nerves, when we were playing our hardcore chars, and I got a change of heart. 'But I wanna be a druid now...'

    OVG: Maybe a bit of minecraft. Migh record some more Severance: Blade of Darkness. Was really enjoying that.

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    Re: Til We Meet Again Thursdaily

    RL: Date tomorrow. Vacation Monday.

    D2: Finally.

    OVG: Not really.


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