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    Re: Grenades and Rockets

    Variety may seem nice, but there's almost always something that seems better to have. For example you could take vault for mobility and use all hatred on cluster arrow damage, and if you have discipline problems ditch one of the discipline skills for preperation (probably with healing rune so you also don't have to use shadow power as much).

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    Re: Grenades and Rockets

    Came up with this build...what do you guys think?!fgh!abZaaZ

    Going to use Cluster Arrow and Grenades to thin the packs out...Rapid Fire for focusing down single targets/bosses.

    Will probably also get rid of Sentry in favor of Vault in Inferno for the added mobility. Still haven't decided if I want to use Perfectionist, Vengeance, Steady Aim, or Archery as my first passive skill. Will just have to see how the game plays out and what works best.

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    Re: Grenades and Rockets!Ygh!abZYYY

    This is my latest after some fine tuning.

    Choice of weapon crossbow and stat focus should be DEX > Crit > AS. Lacks a bit of mobility, but then again build barely uses discipline outside shadow power. Defensive plan is to roll shadow powers and stack them with Anathema and just tank what you have to.

    Definitely co-op focused build. Wouldn't recommend using this is single player mode.

    Evolution is that i swapped strafe to rapid fire after i noticed that RF has the fixed rate rocket fire. RF should be fairly easy on the hatred if you use slow hard hitting weapon. If you use crossbow then it's better to use steady aim instead of archery as long your crit chance % doesn't become ridiculously high.


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