My only experience with D3 so far is the open beta weekend a couple of weeks ago. In a way I wish I hadn't played, because it is making May 15th take that much longer for me to get my D3 fix.

The minute I heard about D3 a few years ago and I saw the WD, I knew that it was the first and main class I'll play. Since playing the open beta I've been researching builds.

I've tried to synergize each skill and spread out elemental damage types knowing from D1 and D2 that at Nightmare, Hell levels that there will be elemental resist bosses and mobs. I also have never been a huge summoning pet fan, but I realize that a class like this needs defense from some pets, so I'm not ignoring extra pets.

So here is my PvM build:


and here is my PvP build:


I would love any input for one or both of the builds. I am mainly going on what my limited experience has been in open beta.

Thanks in advance