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View Poll Results: Which D3 server are you playing on?

45. You may not vote on this poll
  • US

    9 20.00%
  • EU

    19 42.22%
  • Won't be playing D3

    8 17.78%
  • Don't know

    1 2.22%
  • Durf/point/boobies

    8 17.78%
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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    Quote Originally Posted by colony View Post
    EU. I'd actually been assuming that the server choice was region locked like Starcraft 2 is. Is this not the case?
    Nope. D3 is "global," in that you can play on whatever region you want. There's no character/item transfer among them, naturally, and you *may* be locked into the RMAH that correlates with wherever you bought your game (so the American dollar in the US, the Euro in Italy, etc).

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    Eu 4567890

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    Good news for me, it looks like I will be the only one on the US server. LOL!!

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    Need an option for "playing strictly solo so it really doesn't matter".

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    Was a tough choice between not playing and boobies, I went with boobies.

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    ^Same here :P

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    I will start in US just because I am here. Might visit EU too to have a start from scratch feeling at some point or to hang with some friends there. I am actually looking forward to multiplayer capabilities of diablo too just for the ease of playing with friends.

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    Quote Originally Posted by hubb View Post
    Being in South Africa, the distance to servers and our terrible infrastructure makes lag an issue.Since the Internets goes through Europe on its way to the US, I'll be playing EU. D2 was never really playable on from here (by my standards), but I've gathered from other people that the AL is pretty good, and I've also played PoE without a problem.
    I am in Aus and we have just as bad infrastructure, that sad lag to the US server wasn't too bad.

    I am playing on the US server, but I couldn't resist voting for boobies.

    Edit: forgot to add my reasoning. Main reason is it is the default server for Aus and it will allow me to play with Kegs, Muggs, Zokar et al.

    I may run some untwinked games on EU to play with Skjolde and Korial (if they'll have me )

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    Re: D3 - US or EU servers

    I also voted boobies cause I prefer to point out the positive - boobies - instead of the negative - not playing.


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