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    Re: ZOMG 2 weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by kavlor View Post
    It says 14th on there for some reason ,error?
    Hey yeah, that's still seems to be accurate, though.

    And yeah, nice to see the progress since game-announcement at 99% now. I was expecting it to already be at that stage when they announced the release date.

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    Re: ZOMG 2 weeks.

    Two weeks for launch and there is nothing to do...

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    Re: ZOMG 2 weeks.

    D3 BETA was the most awfull thing, im still waiting for the final game.

    By the way Blizzard are losing a lot of quality in gameplay, SCBW was brilliant demanding game that did KOREA the capital of "E-SPORTS" they change the vision of videogames....SC2 its OK too easy even for casual-noob players they still have time to fix this with HOTS or next expansion, Diablo2 was epic with his original colors,gothic STYLE, gore...D3 looks like another OK but not impressed, there are lot of games with that shinny ****ty color style,....ppl need to be more demanding with blizz new games, remember one game StarCraft did in SOUTH KOREA...if your pleased with D3 Beta style you are mediocre!! who never playhard d2.

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    Re: ZOMG 2 weeks.

    that post makes very little sense.

    moving on, yay 2 weeks! CE editions are shipping a few days before in some countries


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