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    The Quest for finding good character names

    Did any of you try and find meaningful/special/fitting names for your characters?
    With almost every game to date, I waited until the moment of character creation before thinking about a name. I always ended up with something I regret (just like my forum name lol).

    So, to prevent that this time, I actually researched mythological and medieval names for every class.
    What I did first, was choosing an origin for each class.
    -Barbarian seems no doubt Nordic
    -Monk seemed Russian to me (Ivgorod got that ring to it)
    -Demon Hunter looks/feels like an Elf
    -Wizard seems to be Asian (Xiansai)
    -Witch Doctor is of course some tribal jungle-dweller

    I hit up wikipedia and searched for fitting names from each region. Most of my characters are named after smaller deities/heros because many of the Gods are well known (Thor or Odin, for example).
    After some searching, I choose the following names:

    -Barbarian: Magnus
    -Monk: Perun
    -Demon Hunter: Thelandria
    -Wizard: Suzume
    -Witch Doctor: Abenaki

    I am quite pleased with my selection!

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    I randomly choose a letter and then try to come up with a name that starts with that. I try not to put an excessive amount of effort into my character names because I don't want to get too attached to them (hardcore).

    My softcore characters I'm sure to constantly second-guess myself though.

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    I had an extensive list of name for about six months now. However, since you only see your account name on the screen I dont care anymore. Plus they have the pc/kiddie filter on hardcore mode so that eliminates half of the good/funny names.

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    First world countries problems

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    People can see your character names on friend list. I will actually use some of my old names I think, since they will always be available. I am not very creative, I just always tried to make short words for my characters on WoW/Diablo2

    Monk - Killed
    DH- Unable
    Wizard - Standby
    Barb - Positive
    WD - Negative

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    i am by no means creative in my character naming. i take a favorite comic book character and name the class after them. this will continue in D3 except i have now added avatar (not the stupid blue people) names to the list. in mmo games all my names start with apoc. for example when i played everquest my name was apocaquest

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    I consider myself to be pretty bad when it comes to finding names for my characters.
    Usually, if I can't come up with a decent name (the RPer in me demands them to fit the lore), which happens A LOT, I resorted to name generators in the past.
    I'll do something else for Diablo 3 though. I decided to name my characters after characters that I like.
    So, here's the list of names I chose so far:

    Barbarian: haven't decided yet, Conan is too simple.
    Demon Hunter: Geralt
    Monk: Zangief
    Witch Doctor: Bones
    Wizard: Tim

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    Barbarian: Amelia (yes female )
    Witch Doctor: Viriato
    Monk: Sancho
    Wizard: Brida
    Demon Hunter: Leonor

    Google it. Somewhat easy to explain in my context

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    I have been using somewhat absurd/meme names in the beta and will probably stick with it or variations:

    Barb: MeSmash
    WD: OoogaBooga
    Monk: EdGruberman
    Wiz: Nukem
    DH: PewPew

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    Re: The Quest for finding good character names

    I will end up using variations of my tag.


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