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    Possible pvp build

    Gap closers, damage boosters, and CCs.

    Seems pretty fun to me, but we will see how it works in game.!USY!Zbcaaa

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    Re: Possible pvp build

    I have to disagree with just about every skill/rune choice other than Battle Rage and Relentless and Leap.

    Earthquake will probably be one of the least useful skills in PvP. Who are you intending to damage with it over time? Plus the 105s cooldown is way too long.
    Why would you not take Clobber (30% chance to stun with bash) instead of some 2x22% damage?
    When would you ever need to grapple three targets at once?
    I don't know about CotA but that also has a huge cooldown.
    You also don't have a single fury spender, what's up with that?

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