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View Poll Results: What will your HC main be?

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  • Barbarian

    19 21.11%
  • Demon Hunter

    14 15.56%
  • Monk

    12 13.33%
  • Witch Doctor

    18 20.00%
  • Wizard

    13 14.44%
  • I don't play HC

    14 15.56%
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    IncGamers Member
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    Apr 2012
    edge of america

    Re: What will your HC main be?

    group heal. CC. ^ monk

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    IncGamers Member
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    Aug 2004

    Re: What will your HC main be?

    Still the Monk is slacking in fifth. Strange, definitely my first choice for HC. Seems to be some good all round defensive builds possible with the Monk. Monk and WD are the only ones with a "WTF I'm dead" failsafe right?

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    IncGamers Member
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    May 2010
    Vancouver, BC

    Re: What will your HC main be?

    I only played through the beta once during the open beta weekend and it was with a Wizard so I don't know much about the various classes yet.

    I generally like ranged attacks better (Amazon and Sorceress were my favs in D2), but I'll likely start with a Barb before moving on to the WD or Wiz.


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