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    Re: Yet another epic Blizz fail!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ganoidyn View Post
    Riddle of Steel's avatar looks like an awesome mustache devouring a malformed nose.

    Last night I mixed two satchets of 3-in-1 coffee in a single mug. It didn't taste any different. This is where I anticipate other people putting up the "so hardcore" gif, which I sort of deserve.

    My cousin's getting married on the DIII launch day! The wedding was planned before the release date was announced, of course. I'll be banqueting happily back in my backwater ancestral hometown, where there is only one restaurant that anybody ever has wedding banquets at. It's the sort of town where you can catch a fish in the morning, kick open the door and hold it up by its tail and say "COOK THIS" and the kitchenstaff will do just that. By the time I get home and get online, it will be more than 12 hours after the servers open, and to be honest I will probably get some sleep first. Maybe that will save me from the rush-hour traffic? heheheh.

    Before you reply to this thread, especially if you disagree with the OP, remember this: There are people out there who identify strongly as right-wingers, who vote conservative, who tell the nuns to care less about the poor and more about condemning the homosexuals. These people will always feel what they want to feel, no matter what the news is. Facts will not convince them, truth will not set them free. In their minds, they are right, and they will close-mindedly ignore all alternative opinions. Although most gamers are more left-leaning and liberal and intellectual, remember that some of us have Opinions that we will Never Change. Before you castigate Riddle of Steel, or mock him with things like "See you at launch day" and "Yeah, three hours, I've been waiting so long, like I care about three hours" or even say something like "don't feed the trolls" - just remember, he's a person too! And although he is being brutish with his opinions, let him be. Just remember: A significant portion of Americans still believe that there were WMDs found in Iraq after all; they also think that Obama is making death panels to decide whether your grandma gets health insurance. At least Riddle of Steel won't be able to vote for Rick Santorum! Take heart, his anger will only affect your enjoyment of the game if you get caught up in it too.

    There's a Chinese saying: 退一步,海阔天空。(literal trans: take a step back; the sea broadens and the sky is open). It means why get pissed off at a post like this, and respond with varying degrees of outrage and sarcasm? Life is so much fuller than this, and not worth wasting on anger on Someone Who Is Wrong On The Internet.

    Last week I interviewed a German expatriate (who is looking forward to playing Diablo III). We talked about fishing in the canals, and how more and more he is catching foreign invasive species, which would be highly unusual back in Europe where the fish you caught in the drains would be the exact same fish your grandfather caught back in his day.
    You deserve more credit than this thread gives you. I intentionally quoted the whole piece so that perhaps more people will read it and become wiser. Nice one.

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    Re: Yet another epic Blizz fail!


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