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Thread: Good vs Evil

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    Good vs Evil

    So it starts again, the struggle of good vs evil. Last time, evil won by a large margen, yet somehow that turned out to be good.


    I am talking about blizzard (the good), trying to make players play the whole game, not just farm the same sequence repetitively. And the players (the evil), who will search and try and break the games boundaries in order to find an easy way to do something that was intended to be difficult.

    We have inferno now, and all monsters are the same high level. So Blizzard thinks people will now play all acts in inferno. What is bound to happen though, is that people find the easy spot in the game, and farm it endlessly. Some boss that might be same level as the rest, but is dead easy to farm (Like mephisto moat-trick), and who can drop everything, for such is inferno programmed. Some monsters that are slow and easy to kite who can be farmed forever with high mf.

    And anyone who says; lets play this other act instead will get lols and ggnore comments.

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    Re: Good vs Evil

    Welcome to Diablo.

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    Re: Good vs Evil

    Um, Inferno no longer has linear difficulty. The monsters will get stronger further in inferno you progress, from Mlvl 61 to Mlvl 65 (presumed). So, monsters in Act IV will be significantly stronger then monsters in Act I.

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    Re: Good vs Evil

    What arcanae said. They found the lower act monsters could only be so difficult compared to act 4 monsters, so they changed it back to D2 style.


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