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    Re: No talk about trading on forums?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle View Post
    Not for people that don't want to use the RMAH at all, and there will be at least a few. If you aren't using the RMAH then every AH trade you make is on the GAH and is subject to the 15% gold fee.
    I know right? and if they sell it for so much gold that their 15% fee would buy more than a buck fifty worth of gold, then they are ripping themselves off by not using the rmah

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    Re: No talk about trading on forums?

    Haven't read most of the posts since I haven't had much time, but despite the introduction of the AH I'd really like to see some trading going on. Was my favourite aspect of D2 and what brought me to these forums, and how else would I revitalise my trading reputation?



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