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    EUHCL O Crafted cold sorc amu + PnB skillers + stuff N soj/bk and spirit

    Hello from EU HC ladder!

    Here ist the crafted amu:
    +2 cold skills
    10 fcr
    49 life
    19 mana
    8% mana regen
    FR 7, CR 7, LR 7, PR 15
    level req 52

    I have no idea what it is worth.

    other stuff i offer:
    3 x PnB skiller (plain ones)
    Fool`s Greater Talon of Quickness (1 socket)
    Um rune
    non-eth partizan insight
    Pgems (around 10. Not huge amount)

    What i really need before ladder season ends are:
    +1 all skills ring. BK or soj i dont care.
    Spirit Monarch. DONE. 1 PnB went there.
    Infinity. Would be nice but unless that amulet turns out to be huge i never can afford this :(

    Those are my first priority items. Other than that i`d like to have some ok small charms: life / lightning resist / all resist. I`ll be happy to trade some Pgems for plain light resist or life 18 scs.

    I`ll be playing tonight and propaply during weekend using character "Hachikuji". Whisp me if you can help me

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