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    Another Closeupzard

    Thought on making a 'zard whom wants to go into the middle of mobs.!acZ!bbZaZY

    The goal is to teleport into the middle of a group of foes with Ice Armor and Familiar active and starting to spam Arcane Nova, alternating with slashes of Spectral Blade to recover AP and continually being able to cast Nova. Prism to be cast as soon you appear in a horde of foes to help mitigating damage and giving you a strong help in cranking out Novas to burn down a group.

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    Re: Another Closeupzard

    Familiar seems pointless here - you have too much AP regen as it is. I'd switch it for Explosive Blast.
    And I'd use the life steal rune on spectral blade.

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    Re: Another Closeupzard

    Interesting build. Potentially suicidal First thought that came to me: I don't think you need that many AP regen/increasing skills and passives. I'd drop the familiar and pick up explosive blast instead. Since explosive blast takes 1.5 sec to go off, you can alternate between that and the orb. Or maybe wave of force (with the Forceful Wave rune that reduces knockback, but increases dmg).

    Also, since you are going to deal a lot of AoE arcane damage, I would definitely pick up the Temporal Flux passive and swap Ice Armor for Energy Armor (prismatic armor).


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