So you're new to the Diablo universe or just new to Diablo 3. You have questions but you feel a little intimidated to ask, after all everyone else seems so knowledgeable (not true, only some are walking encyclopedias, the rest of us have enough knowledge to get by).

This is the forum for questions typical of newcomers to a game. All that we ask is that you use the Search feature on the forums first as there is every possibility your question has been answered. Also read the Basic Diablo 3 Guide on DiabloWiki.Net (it's only 1 page long!) - this is a good starter page and will give you a broad general knowledge of the game.

Otherwise post away.

Have a question?

Please make the title of your post descriptive - 'help!' and 'I have a question' won't do. 'Will my waypoints save between characters?' and 'Can equipment on my follower affect my party?' are more likely to be answered and more useful to other visitors. You can elaborate on your question in the post.

Useful Resources:

We have a support and feedback forum for posting questions related to the Diablo: IncGamers' website as a whole.