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    Re: I'm out of Juice! Wednesdaily

    RL: Finished working a bit early to meet with the realtor. Finish meeting with her and then its eat and wait for the Bruins game to start.

    D2: Likely not, but its hard to say

    OVG: Still cruising through Skyrim at level 51. Nearly done (I think) with most of the side quests, and then its on to finish the game. Annoyingly, not much is a challenge to kill anymore with my main skills, so I've taken to less effective methods to keep it interesting. Also realized I have about a hundred potions that I thought I might use, but it turns out they're just dead weight at this point. Since hitting about level 20, I think I've used 1 healing potion, and I've never used a magicka or stamina pot.

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    Re: I'm out of Juice! Wednesdaily

    RL: back @ work again... yesterday was a public holiday. Went to see The Avengers, which was a very good movie

    D2: finished my Mat Enchantress. Found a Sur rune while doing Chaos for her, so I was quite happy with that... though HF was disappointing yet again, this time with a Hel rune -_- Starting a Hammerdin now so that I can more safely kill Baal (hopefully anyway).

    OVG: none

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    Re: I'm out of Juice! Wednesdaily

    RL: work, not much else. Some idiot on a bike almost knocked me over yesterday while I was running. He didn't even stop to say sorry . side a bit swollen, contusions on hipbone, I'll survive.

    D2: no

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    Re: I'm out of Juice! Wednesdaily

    @Headkick, 36 enough? I finally went to the doctor's last thursday to check out my hand that I thought was broken, here it is it is not a wise idea to keep boxing if you think your hand is broke. I have some bone bruisers on my hand that hurt like hell. Really messing up my workout schedule as the pain is quite unpleasant on anything I do. Giving it one more week before I get into anything really.

    RL: Its my weekend today and tomorrow and have 10 pages to write for a final report due next week, lets see if I get around to it.

    D2: Lost my Lord of Magi in Act2 NM after I entered my tp that I placed to reposition myself last night. Really irritated about that, was a fun character.

    OVG: Waiting on D3 and TSW so not sure if I'm going to pick something else up.


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