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    Normal Attack when Out of Mana?

    Hello everyone,

    During the Open Beta the Witch Doctor was one of my favorite classes to play. More than the other classes, I felt like the level 13 witch doctor had the most customizability of play styles. Eventually I had a witch doctor using the zombie hands skill with the rune and the firebat skill with the rune as my left/right mouse buttons.

    I quickly discovered that when you are out of mana with a witch doctor, you cannot perform a normal attack if you don't have normal attack bound to a key. When playing the wizard and demon hunter, however, they will both perform their normal attacks if they do not have the mana for the currently bound right/left-mouse key attack.

    I regret not testing to see if this was because my wizard and demon hunter had long range weapons equipped, or if it was because of different attack/mana-use mechanics of the three classes.

    Has anyone else encountered and tested this problem? This was the only mechanic of the witch doctor which got me down...


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    Re: Normal Attack when Out of Mana?

    With some skills, he seems to melee when out of mana, but with other skills, he doesn't. I'm not quite sure why, or if its related to which skills you put on which buttons. I'll have to check the next time I get a chance >_>.


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