I was getting tired of using my Frenzy and Paladin for Ubers so I decided to make a Berserk Barb for Ubers and everyday play. I opted to go against the grain on some of his equipment to make myself stand out a bit from the hundreds of other barbs online. I just finished another solo Uber run, and it was as enjoyable as previous quests. Even though it takes me about 30 minutes (including mini Ubers), it's a nice break from using my Frenzy or Holy Shock/Zeal 1pt smite Paladin. The latter 2 could run through Ubers in minutes, but it was never a challenge, hence it grew quite monotonous. Anyway, here are my gear and stats for everyday play and for Uber runs:

Level 89
20 pts BO
20 pts Sword Mastery
20 pts Berserk
20 pts Shout
12 pts Howl (all remaining pts go here)
1 pt Nat Resist
1 pt Inc Speed
1 pt Battle Command
1 pt in all Prereq

Helm: Arreats socketed with 15ias/15resis jewel
Armor: Eth Steel Carapace socketed with 30ED/15ias jewel (Ubers: Duress dusk shroud)
Weapon: Eth Upped Vile Husk
Shield: 40 resist Spirit Ward Unique shield, not the runeword. Socketed with Shael
Belt: Nosferatu (Ubers: Tgods)
Boots: Upped Gores
Gloves: Laying of Hands
Amulet: Highlords (Ubers: Angelics)
Ring 1: Raven (Ubers: Angelics)
Ring 2: Raven

Anni and Torch
10x5all resist scs
Rest filled with random AR, Max, Life charms found in chaos runs and baal games

Act 1
Helm - Kira's Guardian socketed with Um
Armor - Eth Treachery Wrymhide
Weapon - Faith Superior Great Bow

Stats (with gear for Ubers) with Merc's Fanaticism
Life - 3718 after BO
Defense - 16k with Duress
Attack Rating - 25k Berserk, 15.5k Concentrate (Angelic ammy, 1 Angelic ring, and 1 raven)
Damage - 6k Berserk, 3.8k Concentrate
Max Block
Max Resists after Meph's Conviction, including 85 Light resist
Max 9fpa for Berserk and Concentrate

Well, there ya have it. It's not the most original, but I try to use some stuff that wasn't seen every day. His life is low I know, but the frickin Eth Steel Carapace requires 220 strength. Despite that, I've never had a problem with the low health. Yes, the total Crushing Blow is 30% with Duress and Goreriders, but I'm aware of this. I could use different gear to increase the CB, but that wouldn't be as unique. Either way, I find it to be enough.

Before starting the run, I'll go stand in flames so my Spirit Ward casts fade. Then I'll run into some enemies so my merc gets her's too. The 30 minutes to tackle Mini Ubers and Uber Trist is quite fun I'll admit. My Merc doesn't die. My belt has 8 Reds, 4 Blues, and 4 town scrolls. I only may only need to town a couple times during Uber trist to refill. My life rarely goes below 40%. The Howl skill is so gg. The Ubers are almost always alone thanks to that skill. Every now and then the Vile Husk will cast Amp, which helps quite a bit.

I've had many people ask to see my gear, when they see me standing there with an Eth black colored sword, black armor, and a dark blue-and-black shield. I mostly get compliments, and almost always get a "really?" when I tell them I solo Ubers with him. I think in the future I may try to get my hands on an Eth Death CB and see how much of a difference it will make for Uber runs. However, until then I don't plan on changing much of anything