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    3 Reasons to like the new skill format

    I know Iím not breaking any new ground here and these points have been made before. I do this because there are a lot of new players who played the beta for the first time last weekend, including myself, and who at one point or another didnít like the new skill system. I write this for them, and to continue the debate.

    No more grind!
    When I think about it, after that initial playthrough with my first character, I hated the first 30 levels of Diablo 2 with any new toon. Your first charcter, you didn't know any better so you invested in points and attributes when you leveled. It was fun. My character wasnít uber powerful but very well rounded. There was room for much improvement, but powerful enough to beat the game.

    My second playthrough and every playthough after that, I wanted the strongest, smartest, build available. I horded my skills and attributes until I unlocked skills for my desired build. That made every other playthrough an absolute grind unless I had the best gear waiting for me at every level. I horded and saved points to almost level 40. Then the game got fun again, but by then I was 2/3rds through nightmare.

    Of course they could have solved that issue immediately with skill retainers or something like Titan Quest where you buy back your skills, but even then, I horded in TQ until certain skills were unlocked. Regardless, that's another topic all together. With Diablo 3 skills there's no reason to horde. Just level, get a new skill, and play. No more grind. No more playing with a gimped character for half the game. I find that so liberating that my character will never be one dimensional. I can't wait to build and play every class now.

    No more one-dimensional characters.
    Just about every great build in Diablo 2 was one-dimensional and involved spamming that skill over and over and over and over and over again. If you wanted a well-rounded character that was fun and diverse to play, you had to sacrifice a significant amount of damage and survivability. Granted, it was fun to have a unique character that was a super power at one thing, but the actual gameplay was a fraction of what it could be.

    With the new skill system, you can now be a complete warrior. A fighter skilled in all dimensions instead of just one. You have to learn and experience the entire gambit of skills and talents to know what works best for which situation. To me, this forces us to become better players.

    Skill nerfs wonít competly break your toon
    What can be worse that having the devs neft that one skill your entire build was based off of? No more can a nerf obliterate the 100 hours you spent perfecting your skill investment. You can bet that over the course of the next year, there will be a handful of patches, a ton of skill rebalances and a lot of reasons to try each skill after the patch. Now at least you donít have to re-roll every time.

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    Re: 3 Reasons to like the new skill format

    My monk was entirely one-dimensional. That dimension was teleport-punch. Hands down most op melee skill ever.

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    Re: 3 Reasons to like the new skill format

    Agreed on the the 2nd point for sure, i plan on making a bad *** pvp barb and ive gone through the skill calculator several times and thinking to myself holy **** i want this and this and this and this its so limited but actually makes you think about your build more

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    Re: 3 Reasons to like the new skill format

    Well I do not agree with You. And as You see, there will be plenty of builds, You use that I use something else.

    Serious, People who think there is only one build even in beta, are silly. How the heck I come with three different builds for my barb, and each one was 100% effective and enjoyable. Now you might think ďbla bla bla there is only one buildĒ well, I will not argue with you, because everyone think that, they have best build one on the world, I don't care. The whole world in Beta was like living organism, even grass can move, I dont care about how bad graphics is, I care about environment, aesthetics, sound. Only one thing I don't like Chat system and UI.

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    Re: 3 Reasons to like the new skill format

    You make a good point with this comparison to early level play in D2! I've just been playing through untwinked on in Diablo 2 and spending points all along the way, you know, like the good ol' days. It's been so refreshing compared to getting rushed to hell or stock-piling your points for the build you have in mind.

    It's not as "hardcore," requiring as much devotion to your build, and it's not as punishing to wait for that time when you can unload all of those points you saved up in Diablo 2 to finally see the results, but that's not a bad thing at all. People take pride in refraining from spending those points, but it's not like we need to be proud of that. I thought the permanence of skill points in Diablo 2 made our characters seem much more special and well planned in our own eyes, but why can't we focus more on the experience getting to that point?

    This time around with Diablo 3 it will be all about that experience. Try out any build you think might work, or see if you like another build with the new items you just found! I'm excited to play the game and not sweat about skill and stat point allocation. In the end, Diablo 2 was all about your gear and your build. In this game, your gear will be the main priority and finding a build to suit that gear and get the play style you want will be the challenge. Removing skill points won't hurt anything besides that pride that people had to say "I spent all of my points in the right spot!" That pride and that challenge of point maintenance is not needed, and let's you have pride in your items and how you play the game instead. That's what it's all about.

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    Re: 3 Reasons to like the new skill format

    The first point hasn't really applied since they introduced respecs.

    The second point is yet to be seen. I think most good D3 builds will be pretty one dimensional in the sense you use 1-2 dmg skills while everything else is utility or in support of those. There are also a lot of diverse D2 builds to muddy the issue, including builds that couldn't work with D3's limiting 6 slot max.

    The main positive point of D3's system is you can use whatever skill whenever you want, which will be a lot of fun the first time through when you keep unlocking new runes and skills like crazy. And, indirectly a massive improvement in the skill design and maybe not the system itself, Blizz is using modern, sensible logic. Even simple things, like AoE attacks shouldn't make single target skills pointless. Or that resource management should be a thing. And I bet there won't be skills that are bugged for 12 years and never work like in D2.


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