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    Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    I'm putting together some articles on the highs and lows of the beta, and hoped for some community assistance on remembering things. What stands out in your mind as the best and worst? You don't need to be a beta tester to have memories and opinions, though if you're not I'm guessing "more damn invites!" probably tops your list.

    It can be gameplay stuff in the beta (difficulty changes or the like), larger game dev changes during the beta, technical issues, the slow pace of beta invites, technical problems, introduction of skill runes, etc. You don't need to have a whole argument worked out -- feel free to just throw out some thoughts; it'll help stir my memory and spur debate.

    Also, were you guys happy with the beta? With the amount of content in it, the amount of invites sent out, the amount of patches and changes, the duration, etc...

    Here's a run down of the some of the major changes to the beta sorted by patch and links to the full patch notes if you need a memory jog.

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    High would have to be when folks got past the cemetery gate and into some unauthorized zones. I totally missed this but I loved reading about it.

    Low was missing it

    Ever since I got in (about patch 7, IIRC) I played every class through Leoric with each patch. And I wanted to keep playing... that is, to see the rest of the world. I took enough chars to 13 to get betamaxxed once, but the repetition was killing me; I can play the same zones with a fresh char without losing my mind, but I am just not a grinder, and doing it with the same char was irredeemably tedious, even with new skills and runes for the last three levels.

    Bring on the rest of Sanctuary, please!

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    My low was actually when people got past the gates. If you participated you were going to see unfinished stuff but if you didn't it would feel like you missed out.

    Overall I'm happy with the beta, just not happy with how incredibly difficult it was to obtain a beta key.

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    As long as the beta was quite ok, the content wasnt bad. I didnt count for more actually and im quite happy that they didnt spoil me much of the story and full game.

    The bad things were:
    - so hard to get into beta
    - EU was put in shelves covered with dust when comming to most events and opt in waves
    - poor blizzard timing as going for patches and updates, many problems, many time windows missed, long downtimes
    - that we actually had to fight with devs by spamming one topic to get the rubberbanding fixed
    - some bugs i reported are not fixed yet

    Good things:
    - i remember the day when i got the beta key (yeah i got it by myself by refreshing google search every 5 minutes... still was so happy when i finally made it)
    - the beta looked actually like a full game not some super cut demo **** (we had all classes available, we could see a lot of skills when they were moved around with each patch, a lot of champions & legendary monsters on the way waiting for slashing, nice to see a lot of different events around the game world)
    - there is not much to say about the content or gameitself by playing the beta but yes, the game is still fun and can be matched with d2 probably, at least i had fun with it even that the beta is short and im already bored after 3 months

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    The lowlights were all the bugs that you would encounter, even though those were expected...some reason I felt entitled to a flawless game LOL.

    Highlights were just getting to be part of the beta from very early and being able to play it

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    Highlights: Getting to try runes for the first time. I don't really care much for the unlocking system they went with, but at the time those feelings were overshadowed by "EEEEEEEE I GET TO TRY RUNES!"

    Lowlights: Patch 15 - The lost weekend.

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    Highlights : The Soundeffects, overall Graphic appearance, Storytelling and the Audio snippets u can hear along ur Paths

    Lowlights: I couldnt believe there is no AH Npc ingame... i hate to loggout.. destroys alot of ingame atmosphere for me.
    The switching back and forths between quests and resetting them feels to me like i am not playing one game with one story which develops and the waypoints and tp thing gives me the feeling im not running around in one world and in which i could run from start to beginn but rather like little instances and lvls which are connected troughway points.

    but i think these things may change in later levels.

    edit: im kinda confused why there is no Beta tester Status beneath my Account Name. But i am, so dont wonder. I got the Confirmation from Elly 2 Weeks ago i guess

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    Highlights would be the ever increasing difficulty as beta progressed. When I 1st got into beta I could honestly faceroll the content but as beta has increased the difficulty the fun as increased and desire to play beta increased also.

    Lowlight would be the new UI and the Loss of rune stones. The new ui and its elective mode are still horrendous to me. I hate having to level to unlock slots on my bar and I still don't like having to page through multiple pages to see all my skills. And the loss of dropable rune stones is my biggest loss in d3 beta. From the time I had heard of runes I was very excited for what it represented and what I could do with them. I never truly believed in the leveling dead zone and I don't really like the new system. Rune stones will be missed greatly by me.

    Posted on phone so excuse grammatical errors and shortness of thought.

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    Lowlights :
    - Give me back the damn 8 players slot on a multiplayer game. My biggest dissapointment when i discovered it on the beta. Wont be able to play with all my brothers/cousins at the same time and i'm not even talking about my friends. Whenever we go on a lan party we'll have to split in two group. So bad.
    - The RMAH : people that don't want to put more money in the game wont be able to buy end game items at all. Great thinking Blizzard.
    - Missing D2 were you could have up to 28 hotkey at one time against 7 now.

    Highlights :
    - I wasn't getting bored by D2 but my teammates were, so i quited too. Now i can finally play with them at Diablo all over again.
    - I loved the "over the fence" part because it relaunched the excitment of discovery.

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    Re: Your D3 Beta Highlights and Lowlights?

    Highlight I gotta admit, was having the community be awesome enough to help me through the cemetery gate and into The Festering Woods and other 'restricted' areas - they were so much fun!

    But really, I only got the beta in early March, so I'm nowhere near sick of it :P. I've had dozens of hours -easily more than 50 - invested in such a tiny portion of the game. >_<

    I still remember first starting it up. I hit the 'Play' button while the installer was at 'Playable' instead of actually being complete. It was jerky as heck - to the point of unplayability if I tried to move - but I still enjoyed just LOOKING at my Witch Doctor, seeing everything being real in front of my screen.

    There are too many other highlights, though. I've been following this game's development religiously since it was announced. To say that it has met and maybe even exceeded my expectations is absolutely phenomenal, given how bloated my expectations were to begin with. Although it is only Normal, it doesn't take much imagination to see how much more tactical combat is going to be compared to any other ARPG out there. And it's not slow; it's still going to be fast-paced and visceral - awesome visuals and sounds with an unprecedented level of polish and love.


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