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    A few Paladin (and melee) questions concerning Auras

    I'm making this topic because I recently got into a bit of a talk with a friend of mine who has a Paladin and for a while we were going together through the game with him on his Paladin and me on my Bowazon...Frost Maiden at the time I think. Anyway, long story short, he was having quite a few problems staying alive even though he had really good gear, and I should know because I helped him make it. Now, it has been a while since the two of us played so I can't remember all of his gear, but I do know that he was using a 'Phoenix' Conquest Sword as one piece. Recently, I asked him if he wanted to play with me again and he said he'd like to, but he went on about how he hated that when we were playing in Hell Mode last time he was missing so much he was raging about it.

    So, with the background set, these are the questions I wanted to ask veteran Paladin players and to help me better understand this complaint:

    1. Fanaticism vs. Conviction - I know Fanat gives a nice big AR boost to him, which should be helping him, along with his Phoenix sword, which has ITD on it. Now, he is still specced into Fanat as his primary aura, but I am that better for him, or would Conviction with its defense lowering powers be the better choice? From my experiences with playing a Riftadin, I've found I've had very little difficulty hitting things, but he doesn't seem to believe me on that one.

    2. Ignore Target Defense - I've been curious about this for a while does ITD work exactly? I mean, I know it doesn't apply to all monsters in the game, but if ITD is there, does that equal an automatic 95% chance to hit, or no?

    3. Melee swings in general - Now, I'm not totally sure, but is the target distance checking amongst other things in this game a bit wonky? Sometimes I find myself at point-blank range swinging away at a boss or monster and I won't hit for a long time. Not until I move a bit and then all of the sudden I start to connect. Actually, have noticed that sometimes on bosses like Baal I have to stutter around to get my Zeal to swing 5 times in a row because sometimes it will only do a regular single swing, and I KNOW I have the attack selected to Zeal.

    In any case, I was also telling him that I would play a game with him on Hell Mode on my Riftadin with my level 25 Conviction Aura going while he runs Fanaticism and I think it'll make a big difference for him. He doesn't seem to believe me, but...will it make a difference like I suspect it would?

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    Re: A few Paladin (and melee) questions concerning Auras

    Why is he using phoenix? It doesn't exactly do anything, except maybe for a holy fire build.
    Just tell him to get Grief. And a HoZ and max block on that. Plus some leech. He shouldn't have any problems.

    ITD works against all monsters except boss, champion and act bosses. It gives 95% chance to hit.

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    Re: A few Paladin (and melee) questions concerning Auras

    1. conviction can make it much easier to hit stuff, but, if it is not an elemental damage build or supporting one of such, inferior to fanaticism as it grants speed (which phoenix lacks), ar and damage. there is no better aura in 99% of the cases for a physical build

    2. as zaph said

    3. this is a related problem: your position that is shown to you and the position you are actually at on the server are not always the same, specially if you run around a lot and fast - which paladins usually do. it is used in pvp and called desynching - although to a whole other extent than what we´re talking about here.
    so basically you are not at the place that you think you are. move a bit around and most of the time position on server and cllient side meet up. same thing goes for monsters at times. they are at another place than you see them...a faster computer and internet connection can fix some of the issues but not all

    if he really wants to hit constantly, he should wear two angelic rings and an amulet. that gives ar/lvl which is then multiplied. leveling up would help too and -%def like with eth runes on griefs will make a noticeable difference too

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    Re: A few Paladin (and melee) questions concerning Auras

    Quote Originally Posted by Krupa View Post
    3. this is a related problem...
    It may not be entirely BNet-caused. I play SP, and I've noticed that sometimes your character will be willing to attempt to attack even when you're not actually within striking range. This seems true with Zeal in particular, and especially when zealing with shorter-range weapons.

    Also, another thing is that some monsters, like Baal, have blocking - though their animation may not display it. In Hell, Baal has 55% blocking, so if you zeal through 20 swings and actually have good enough AR to hit every time, by odds you'll still only hit 9 out of 20 times because he'll block the other 11... and with Baal's elevated level affecting AR and paladin's generally not having tons of AR to begin with, it's quite unlikely that you'd be able to hit 20 out of 20 times... so in reality you could easily be looking at a ~25% hit-rate with Zeal.

    Of course, Smite is an unblockable/non-AR-based attack, and therefore very popular against monsters like Baal (and with Crushing Blow and added +Damage, like on Grief, very effective too).

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    Re: A few Paladin (and melee) questions concerning Auras

    Quote Originally Posted by zaphodbrx View Post
    ITD gives 95% chance to hit.
    Not exactly. It doesn't take targets defence into account in the chance to hit-formula but the levels of the attacker and defender still matter.


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