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    Massive Giveaway

    Approved by spiffy - you the man spiff!

    Requirements for requesting an item:
    Join date before 2/2012
    Important Notes:
    Please only request items you need, not high value items that you just want to sell off, if I believe you are doing this I have the right to deny your request. Also tell me what you're using the item for.
    3 of my mules expired, I am not sure what was on them but I know one of them carried my top end gear, so I might be missing some gear.
    I will NOT do mule trades, in your request please note when you want to meet on bnet (Est time please) and of course on what day.
    Eth Bartucs 192/6
    Thunderstrokes 4/188
    Eth Upd Titans 177/5
    Eth Upd Titans 188/6
    Eth Upd Titans 189/5
    Eth Eschutas 3/19L/20F/26
    Deaths Web 1/51/5 (socked 5/5 Psn Die)
    Eth Death Cleaver 253/7
    Eth Rune Master 5os/242ED
    Eth Tomb Reaver 3os/245ED/31@resist/73MF
    Nat Claws
    Gris Weapon 4os/218
    Spirit Long Sword 35/96/7
    Hand of Justice Phase Blade 314ED
    Grief Phase Blade 30/349/-25
    Faith Crusader Bow 2/12/345
    Faith GMB 1/14/2/330
    Spirit Monarch 35/97/4
    Spirit Monarch 33/92/5
    Spirit Monarch 32/108/8
    Spirit Monarch 30/98/7
    Sanctuary Troll nest 167/70
    Sanctuary Troll nest 154/66
    Eth Exile 16/256ED/30@resist/865 Def Akaran Targe
    Trang shield
    Homunculus 195ED
    Homunculus 169ED
    Eth Upd HoZ 188ED 812Def
    HoZ 155ED
    HoZ 164ED
    HoZ 170ED
    HoZ 173ED
    2Druid/3Tornado/30AR/9Life/28Fresist Green Falcon Mask (socked with shael)
    2Amazon/30FRW/13Dex/19@resist circlet
    2Necro/20FCR/18Fresist coronet (socked with 5/5 Psn Lvl)
    Upd Arreats Face 194/4 467Def
    Arreats Face 153/4
    Shako 140Def
    3os Crown 10FHR
    3os Crown 31Life
    3os Great Helm 34Life
    14C/15L/12F Lightning Ormus
    Skin of the Vipermagi 24@resist/13MDR
    Leviathan 50/25 1590Def
    Fortitude Archon Plate 1.25/29 1658Def
    Enigma Breast Plate 835 Def
    Enigma Archon Plate 1183 Def
    Tals Armor
    20C/-20C 12 Dmg Red Full Plate Mail
    3os 24FHR Gothic Plate (3x LLD)
    3os 69Life Light Plate (LLD)
    3os 68Life Light Plate (LLD)
    4os 13Dmg Red Full Plate Mail
    4os 24FHR Wire Fleece24FHR/29Str/38Life/19Mana Light Belt
    TGods 188ED
    Arach 116ED
    Arach 101ED
    Nosferatu 5LL
    Mav Belt
    Tals Belt 15MF28AR/4Life steal/4Mana steal/14Dex/23Fresist
    Raven Frost 248/19
    Raven Frost 222/15
    Wisp Projector 15LA 19MF
    Dwarf Star 12MDR
    Angelic Ring (4x)Rising Sun (2x)
    Atma's Scarab
    Cat's Eye (2x)
    Mara's 26@resist
    3Trap 10FCR
    3Light 10FCR13/15/5 Anni
    15Life sc
    17Life 2Mana sc
    20Life sc (2x)
    10GF sc (4x)
    100Psnd 3MF sc
    100Psnd 15Life sc
    100Psnd 2Str sc[
    100Psnd 3FRW sc
    158Psnd sc
    175Psnd sc
    7MF 4Mana sc
    3@resist/2Dex sc
    5@resist sc (2x)
    3/11/2Dex sc
    3/20 sc (2x)
    5FHR/21AR sc
    15Life/6Mana LC
    175Psnd/35Life LC
    14/14 STorch
    18/16 ZTorch
    19/20 NTorch
    124AR/17Life GC
    109AR/22Life GC
    89AR/37Life GC
    Fire 32Life GC
    Fire FHR GC (2x)
    Light FHR GC
    Light 37Life GC
    PnB GC (6x)
    PnB FHR GC
    Trap 32Life GC
    Trap GC (2x)
    Java GC
    Java FHR GC
    Shadow GC
    Off Aura GC
    Off Aura 6Str GC
    Off Aura 7Life GC
    Unid Facet
    5/5 Fire Lvl
    4/5 Fire Lvl
    30FRW/40Cresist/25Fresist/12Presist/76GF Sharkskin Boots
    11/10/168/44 Eth Treks
    15/12/158/41 Treks
    Waterwalk 194/64
    Gore Riders 197ED
    War Travs 47MF
    War Travs 42MF
    Shadow Dancers 2/16/89ED
    Aldur boots 48Fresist
    Nat Boots 23Cresist/22Lresist
    2Bow/20IAS/11Str/22Lresist/22Cresist Bramble Mitts
    20IAS/KB/6Str/11AR Chain Gloves
    20IAS/KB/10Dex/5Cresist Chain Gloves
    Magefist 23ED
    Sup Rondache 62ED/109AR (LLD)
    Archon Plate 11ED
    Scarab Husk 15ED
    3os Breast Plate 12ED
    3os Breast Plate 15ED
    4os Eth Hellforge Plate 1165Def
    4os Eth Hellforge Plate 1035Def
    4os Eth Kraken Shell 1095Def
    Feral Claws 3Venom/2WakeofFire
    4os Berserker Axe
    4os Eth Flail
    5os Sup Flail
    5os Eth Sup Flail
    6os Phase Blade 14EDBrain 1x
    Key of Hate 1x
    Red essence 11x
    Blue essence 11x
    Green essence 5x
    Yellow essence 1x

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    Wow, quite the generosity! I would like a few of the items, should I post what I would like here or in PM?

    edit: I am looking to build a javazon, and I have my eye on these items. Ill be around all this afternoon/evening (done with finals ).

    Eth Upd Titans 200/6
    Call To Arms Flail 5/4/3
    Eth Infinity CV 292/-54
    Fortitude Eth Archon Plate 1.125/30 3552 Def

    Any help is appreciated, and thanks!

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    This really is quite an impressive list with a few things that would be great to have but there are probably many others in need of more then me so I am only going to request either a pair of up'd gores or a pair of shadowdancers for my kicker, percentage and stats don't matter to me. Anytime tonight after 6:30 should be fine if that works for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vivi View Post
    Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set him on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    Perfect timing I have both L and NL characters, and I am starting a new fury druid on NL. I was on Ladder as well looking for items that he could use, since the reset is just a couple of weeks away, but this helps tremendously. If it's not too much to ask, could I have the following? Thanks a bunch

    Eth Tomb Reaver 3os/269ED/33@resist/54MF (socked with Ber,Zod,Lo)
    24FHR/29Str/38Life/19Mana Light Belt
    Raven Frost 248/19

    First, thanks again for the above items earlier. I am also looking into starting a bowzon as well. I have some stuff already waiting for her, but would like to get my hands on a few items if they are still available.
    2Amazon/30FRW/13Dex/19@resist circlet
    100Psnd 3MF sc
    100Psnd 15Life sc
    100Psnd 2Str sc[
    100Psnd 3FRW sc
    124AR/17Life GC
    109AR/22Life GC
    89AR/37Life GC

    EDIT: I can meet you Friday the 27th at 9:00pm Eastern Time. LMK if that works

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    Light FHR GC
    Light 37Life GC
    Trap 32Life GC
    Trap GC (2x)
    Grief Phase Blade 30/349/-25
    Upd HoZ 198ED 524Def (socked with um)
    For my zeal/fanat pally, mf sorc and traps sin,
    I would take these off your hand saturday night 10-11 EST.
    Thanks fir the generosity!

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    Leave your accounts I'll be on for 30 minutes right now
    or msg me on:

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    hello KrazyBones,
    these are the items that poped out of the list that i'd really appreciate.

    The Feral claw with +3 venom. I've been looking for this for an eternity and it's the main reason im still mfing the game. A Ww assassin is one of the very few build missing in my wishlist.

    The 5-5 fire facet. It would be for my enchanteress wich i use mostly to help low level party get through nm quickly. This upgrade would help her firewall dmg.

    I've been in D2 since 2005 and always kept my two accounts alive (i still have my very first character) so my word is that if you ever want to get back in someday, i'll be able to give you back your items (and help). They will never be traded nor expired.

    My account is Obelix_le_bar.
    Edit : Thank you for the follow up. I will be online sunday from 4pm to late.

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    Thanks for offering these items up. Are you going to be playing D3 next month? Also, I'll be in NY next month with family. I listed a bunch of items since I think some of them may already be spoken for.

    Fortitude Archon Plate 1.25/29 1658Def
    Fortitude Eth Archon Plate 1.125/30 3552 Def
    Upd Arreats Face 194/4 467Def
    These items are for my ww barb and his merc. Sadly, this guy started out in D2 classic where there were no runewords and upgrading. Then I got a little bored of classic and transferred him to xpac but I missed out on all the ladder-only goodies like forts and upgrading items to elite. I actually regretted moving him from classic to xpac, that was like starting all over again anyway. All my gear from classic was junk once I moved to xpac. Now he's pretty nice, but these would be some nice items for him to have.

    Deaths Web 1/51/5 (socked 5/5 Psn Die)
    I want to try this out on my nec and respec him to be a poisonmancer for pvp. It's just a curiosity item that I've never been able to get my hands on and they are too expensive for me to buy on bnet.

    Upd HoZ 198ED 524Def (socked with um)
    This would be a upgrade to my current non-upped HoZ. This toon started out in non-ladder so I was never able to upgrade items to elite.

    Shadow Dancers 2/16/89ED
    This is for my unborn kicksin. My next character will be a kicksin and these would be a nice start for her. Otherwise, I don't really need these right now, but would put them to good use.

    3/20 sc (2x)
    5@resist sc (2x)
    13/15/5 Anni
    Light 37Life GC
    These charms and anni are always helpful, so if there's any you want to part with, I'll take whichever.

    Anytime this afternoon, from 3-7pm is good for me.

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    <3 krazy,
    very impressive list.

    I'm most interested in experimenting on my bear. The following items would be most appreciated,
    Regular 3os Tomb if it is still available and noone else wants

    Spirit Monarch 35/103/5

    15IAS/14MaxDmg jwl

    All the best,

    any time after 4pm on sunday is fine with me.

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    Re: Massive Giveaway

    Here's the deal, everyone wants an etomb, I'm 95% sure I lost one of them and kara asked for it first so yeah. Everyone also wants the eth fort which im also 95% sure I lost.
    Etooth 50/50 if I have
    Claw is a maybe 75% sure I have it
    Trap gcs
    HoZ 75% sure I lost it
    Gores 90% sure I lost em, got a lower defense pair I think if you want

    NO trades today and tomorrow. I can get on after 4:00pm on Sunday so edit your posts with what time you want.


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