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    Hardcore Dual Dream Sorc - How to make more sturdy?

    My build is a little abnormal, based largely around normal/nightmare rushes.

    Dream helm
    Dream shield
    Chains of "Honor" armour
    Echuta 3/20L orb
    Magefist gloves
    Raven Claw ring
    Wisp Project 20L absorb ring
    Arachnid belt
    Sandtrek boots

    CTA, Torch, Anni, 5 Light Skillers
    Merc is infinity, gaze, eth-bugged fortitude.

    I have pumped vitality, with enough strength to wear gear. I'm currently sitting at 1.8k life with self-bo (need a spirit shield to increase)

    Skills are
    Max Lightning Mastery
    Max Warmth
    Max Thunderstorm
    Max Lightning Nova (currently..)

    I will then max static (originally I had enchant, fire mastery - but I'm not using her for enchant boosting for now)

    In 8 player nm baals everything dies quickly, but I don't have much block, dr or any fire absorb. Having just been playing a paladin with stormshield, enigma, hotspur, thundergods and ravenclaw with max block I feel spoilt by the feeling of invulnerability and want to try and get my sorcs like that. One thing I might be missing is the +15 life per kill from enigma.. maybe I could consider the change from CoH.

    I know it's not very conventional, but any one got any suggestions? If I had hotspur is it enough to be able to stand unscathed versus hydra hmm..

    Can energy shield do anything interesting for me? or is it a no-no for PVM due to mana burn?

    Oh I could get rid of thunderstorm, and probably lightning nova if I need to pump a armour and telekinesis.

    Never tried ES sorc before, what if I pumped it like this..

    Where do I put my stats, vita/energy?

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    Re: Hardcore Dual Dream Sorc - How to make more sturdy?

    Decided to drop FCR down to 20% on magefist, get a crescent moon for the -LR

    Got a dragon shield on switch, dwarf ring and hot spur

    Dwarf + Crescent add magic damage reduction too

    Not sure about skills yet though heh


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