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    Re: The PvP Thread

    Froz about the blizzard damage numbers:

    You could add there the builds you promised

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    tried pvp and eventhough didn't allways stayed alive longer than 10seconds it was still fun. first i had full vita, no block blizzard sorceress but it was very fragile so i respeced to es, no block blizz sorc and it felt it was better than vita route. though my gear was same than with vita build. becouse i haven't ever tried es before i read forum to learn it but i'm still quite confuse. so could you give me gear advice to build nice pvp blizz sorc. there isn't es blizz pvp guide becouse everyone keep saying that for blizzard build es is no good. or are they simply right?

    and while i read forum did i undrestood right that you don't need resist with es build except poison resist? integer damage reduction would be nice for pvm but in pvp damage is so big that pdr/mdr is irrelevant? faster hit recovery isn't needed becouse damage you take goes to mana?

    gear what i had / and need to replace with?:
    -nightwings veil 10csd 'str, dex jewel in it' total 27 dex
    -death's fathom 19csd 'ist'
    -spirit / whitstans or storshield for max block?
    -switch: beta cta 12bo and spirit / replace with liddless if using whitstans
    -blizzard ormus's robe 10csd 'shael'
    -2 bk ring / 2 sojs instead
    -mara's 30 res / crafted sorc amulet?
    -trang gloves / magefist or frostburn instead
    -arachnid mesh
    -triple resit boots / silkweave for added mana or sandstorm for poison resist
    -charms: 8 skiller (don't have more), 2 resist gc, 3 fhr/ resist sc for 86fhr, 7 resist/life sc.
    for charms just use mana charms instead?

    in stash i had memory staff +9 es and chilling armor staff for prepuff. or is this waste of time?

    if it is better to go max block how do i got atleast 63fcr? 60 from fathom, ormus and arach. last points from crafted +2sorc amu or magefist?

    from skill points is max cold mastery overkill? do you tend to overstack cold resist? and is there any use for static field?

    and finally tactic question. i was particular impressed by assasin in the moor (was it frozzen's sin?). anyway it has mighty stun. and when stunned i wasn't able to do anything and death was certain. so is there some way to escape it? read that weapon switch might help. correct? or that assasin player was just so good against newbie that there is not much to do.

    lots of questions but any help appreciate.

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    105 fcr is a must do. You need to teleport at least that fast.

    ES is "stronger/easier" because you don't need to worry as much of resists, memory is a must. Block will have more skills in synergies and blizzard will be stronger, also means less pre-buffing. You can also go for max block and then use memory for low ES.

    If going for max block keep in mind block rate.

    Against trappers or sin hybrids you have to be fast in teleporting and try to avoid the traps by being offensive (trying to give less time and opportunity to cast traps) and/or reading the traps fields (where sin would they lay all the traps). They will always be dangerous because of sorc's low FHR and cause of venomWW (ES build) and lite traps (block build mostly but ES can't take many traps). Try to counter it with well timed and aimed Blizzards and advantage in FCR/tele.

    About CM. In a vs duel, opponent can opt for heavy cold res stacking. In a FFA (like those we played) that will be rarer.

    My build is still something like this.

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    Meh, something eat my big post :(


    Lvl 94 sorc (I think that was your level, I might be mistaken tho)

    18 ES 20 TK (total 42 lite skills with prerequisite skills)
    1 Warmth
    20 Blizzard and Ice Blast, 10 Glacial Spike and Cold Mastery (total 62)

    Helm: Nightwing (+5% facet) (aim for low dex and high %csd)
    Ammy: 2 sorc/cold skills/10 fcr/stuff - mana, life, str, PR, PLR; any of those would help, especially mana
    Weapon: Death Fathom (+5% facet)
    Armor: Blizzard Ormus (+5% facet)
    Shield: Spirit Monarch (aim for high mana as well, it means a lot with this gear setup)
    Gloves: Frostburn - 40% to mana is impossible to ignore
    Rings: 2 x SoJ - skills + 50% mana combined; it will make your mana pool high with beta CtA + all mana items
    Belt: Arach
    Boots: Sandstorm Treks - stats won't make or break character, but aim for high str and more importantly high PR

    Prebuff gear:
    +9 Memory staff
    +3 ES ormus
    +3 lite amulet
    +3 lite circlet
    +4 skill from SoJ, SoJ, Arach, Battle Cry
    +18 hard points
    lvl 40 ES

    10 x chilling CG (someone in moor can easily provide you two of those)
    3 x fhr/mana SC for 86 breakpoint
    7 x life/mana SC (if you don't have nice ones, 17 to mana plains are good as well)

    With this setup you get anywhere from 7.5k - 9k Blizzard dmg depending on quality of your +%CSD dmg items, 105fcr/86fhr, 95% dmg reduction with ES with about 3500 manapool or higher + high mana regeneration (120 mana/sec?) so you can take multiple hits with ease.
    10/10 split between GS and Mastery is based on my characters and their cold resists. I believe that's optimal number to take down most characters. Some paladins might reduce your dmg a bit with stack, but I think this should be desired split for taking down majority of duelers out there.

    Problem you will have is low life. Even if ES takes away 95% of your dmg you will have about 500 life or so (you can try and play with some fcr gear - swap SoJ for 10fcr/120 mana ring and swap your amulet for something like 3 cold/100 life amulet to get more life, but you will always have problems with poison based enemies. Rabies will instakill you, poison nova will instakill you and assassin WW will most likely kill you as well, or leave you on one life when open wounds kick in. Even set of nice +life chilling charms probably wouldn't help with this.
    On non poison based characters you will see in time how much life do you actually want. If you die with full mana often then you might consider placing some points into vitality, but ES sorc should have all points dumped into energy.

    Buffing ES is normal practice these days for ES sorc so no one will complain if you do so, especially if you are newcomer, and it will save you some skill points so you will be able to have higher dmg.

    Hope this helps..

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    thanks a lot of nulio and frozzen, your hints were really helpful! blizzard damage rose from 5,2k to 7,2k and mana pool from 2,5k to 4k i made build what frozzen suggested. only exception that becouse my ormus, nightwings and fathom's rolls are low end i didn't dare to faceted them. instead i might put shaels into ormus and nightwings and use some fhr/mana or fhr/poison resist charms to aim 142 fhr build. when i got better rolls i'll facet those. also need to use my 1800 pgems. hopefully i roll some chiling charms also.

    now when i got basic idea of cold es sorc i could respec some other sorc and try orb variant. and at some point winddruid also. by the way how often you pvp? any change that someone of you could play next week in middle of the week?

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    Free bump.

    Trade profile:

    omgwtfbbqpwned, RS1/2, UTC-6

    - AyaBrea - Amazon - Bowazon - 1.13d
    - SexyHentaiTime - Amazon - Sidewinder - 1.13d
    - Soft-Pillows - Amazon - PJ/GA Telezon - 1.13d
    - AikaSumeragi - Assassin - Bowsin - 1.13d
    - Kika - Assassin - Ghost - 1.13d
    - LinaInverse - Assassin - Bombardier - 1.13d
    - DoraTheExplorer - Barbarian - Telezerker - 1.13d
    - Eikichi_Onizuka - Barbarian - Wolfbarb - 1.13d
    - No-ExQQuses - Barbarian - BvA - 1.13d
    - Pedobear - Druid - HLD Melee Mauler - 1.13d
    - StickySplooge - Druid - Fury/Rabies - 1.13d
    - YourMom - Druid - Shaman - 1.13d
    - Boner_Boobies - Necromancer - Bonemancer - 1.13d
    - HerpDerp_Herman - Necromancer - Lindwurm - 1.13d
    - Rectal_Redeemer - Necromancer - Novamancer - 1.13d
    - AnusOfJustice - Paladin - Telesmiter - 1.13d
    - CAPTAINCAPLOCKS - Paladin - Charger - 1.13d
    - WutWutInTheButt - Paladin - Templar/Mage - 1.13d
    - Firecracker - Sorceress - Dual Dream Bearsorc - 1.13d
    - Pwncone - Sorceress - FO/ES - 1.13d
    - Pwnyta - Sorceress - Hydra/ES - 1.13d

    24 of them are level 96, 2 of them are level 97, and 1 of them is level 99.

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    Hmm squid attack!

    Updated first post with omgnub's chars and added some links.

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    It's not probably the right place but I wanted to ask:

    Is there players out there you would like to try PvPing but think they don't have enough gear? Let us know because we can try organizing some PvP give-aways to help you start dueling!

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    Don't have trade profile yet.

    RS1, UTC +1

    Vegeta - Barbarian - BvC
    Alnilam - Necromancer - Poisonmancer

    LLD lvl 30:
    Hercules - Barbarian - WW
    Azura - Assassin - Kicker
    Seth - Druid - Fury
    Celeste - Sorceress - Blizzard
    Agrona - Amazon - Bowazon
    Shamash - Druid - Fissure

    All 1.13d

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    Re: The PvP Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by nulio View Post
    Is there players out there you would like to try PvPing but think they don't have enough gear?
    Pick me!

    Okay, fine.

    Nagisa, RC1, UTC-8

    - Ai - Amazon - Bowazon - 1.13d
    - Akari - Amazon - Bowazon - 1.13d


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