Well, for me blizzard is the best gaming company, i've played good amount of other games as well, but nothing, i repeat NOTHING could keep me as occupied as blizzard's games could.
This game is already marketed enough on most of the gaming sites, so i was wondering what could I and anyone else out there that is not involved in any major corporation/web site could do to help this game sale as good as it should.

All you need is a good sense of humor. That's right, i am talking about posting on 9gag Throw in any ideas that you might have here, be it with high expectations asian father meme (which should go something like this):

image hosting

image hosting adult

image host

adult upload image

Or maybe something like:

upload pictures

Seriously, all you need is paint and a good sense of humor. Share any thoughts you might have that you consider to be funny here, and make sure you post em on 9gag. Lets help this world experience what awesome game is

Btw, feel free to post any of the above images i made on 9gag, since a person can post only 1 image per day. Just pick what you think is funniest for you