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    Re: Possibilty of Weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by fnwc View Post
    You don't see any issue with introducing a technological weapon into a dark fantasy game? Hmmm....
    I can actually Picture diablo after seeing the lancer go....fuuuu.jpg

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    Re: Possibilty of Weapons

    The only weapons I have trouble with are explosive types in magic games, what to stop the magic guys making the explosives go boom and wipe out most of the other side? A really weak magic user should be able to do this easy.
    Ok I can see maybe a handful of them being used for special purposes in warfare by a small group. Its more likely to be used in stuff like mining etc.
    Other weapon types that don't use explosives I am fine with but then you end up in the High-tech Sci-Fi zone, as just about every non-medieval weapon in existence uses explosives.


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