Hello folks, D2 old timer here, coming back briefly to hone my skills in monster slaying.

Bought D2 & LoD today, installed them, made sure the game is "Playable on European servers", registered them both to my Battle.net account (for all the good that did) and still can't connect EU servers. I can connect US East quite fine and have no major problems playing there, but there's a bit of latency which can be quite annoying.

I tried a number of fixes; Opening ports in Windows Firewall, the regedit fix, checked hosts file, disabled UAC (it's always disabled)... I'm not banned or anything and I even made a new account and play from a different IP than I used to, so it all comes down to what is up?

European servers just down? If so where could I find status reports on them? Something else - please help me out!