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Thread: SPF Poem

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    IncGamers Site Pal Kitteh's Avatar
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    SPF Poem

    I couldn't sleep last night, so I did poetry again. Again, it's kinda 5-year-oldish, but you guys aren't easy to describe...

    Here in the SPF, so merrily
    We talk and talk, as family
    Together our hearts make one beat
    Some of us now, you shall meet

    Kesteg's brain is quite a sham
    All it does is spout out spam
    In the SPF he's a serial dater
    But only because he's a moderator

    Kitteh is just amazing
    His heart a ruby flaming
    There is no doubt, he's the best
    He's much sexier, than the rest

    A new member joined called Codoh
    His *** is as big as Soho
    I've heard talk that he runs a shop
    Oh god why won't his mouth stop

    Freddy is from Denmark
    Uglier than a great white shark
    His characters are really ****
    He smells of cheese, a little bit

    Thyiad is obsessed with cats
    She think we're all a bunch of prats
    Sometimes at night she goes to sleep
    And wakes up thinking she's a sheep

    Kitteh is a little cat
    Eating Stegs will make him fat
    Spit him out and he will then
    Be a little Kitteh again

    queenEm is a beauty
    Her cakes are very fruity
    She must've just become a pop star
    Since she's never ever in the bar :(

    Jcakes is from down under
    He robs children for the plunder
    Once he killed another man
    For dirtying his frying pan

    Coju turns into a flower
    It's his only superpower
    He got addicted to kebab
    So now he's stuck in kebab rehab

    Kamap is an oily fish
    Who does his business in a dish
    He saves it up for a rainy day
    And uses it for Twib'z pay

    Corax is a great big mush
    His face looks like a giant bush
    He washes in a bath of beans
    And tends to just say what he means

    Twibz face looks like a rifle
    One that's been recycled
    He lives in a little wooden hut
    And draws pictures with his butt

    Pharphis is a scientist
    He steals subjects in the mist
    I know it makes him sounds quite bad
    Really, he is just extremely mad

    Djimjambodoiawhatchacallhim is a bit senile
    He hasn't had sexy time, in a while
    Sometimes he sits and shakes his head
    Then we yell at him 'Get to bed!'

    Grisu is a psychiatrist
    He looks like a podiatrist
    He drinks a lot of coffee
    And eats far too much toffee

    I remember somebody called Zaph
    Man, he needs a friggin bath
    He plays way too much Diablo
    His actual name is really Pablo

    Leo is a tutchykoo
    She hates it when I do a poo
    I bring her mutilated mice
    And she just makes them into dice

    Now let's all close our eyes a second
    And remember a hero who's demise beckoned
    He was probably Bulgarian
    I mean of course, The Ultimate Barbarian

    Maybe I should just get sleeping pills instead?

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    IncGamers Member FredOfErik's Avatar
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    Re: SPF Poem

    *hides chunk of cheese*

    Hehe. That was funny in the 5-year-old kinda way

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    IncGamers Member Cyrax's Avatar
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    Re: SPF Poem

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitteh View Post
    Kesteg's brain is quite a sham
    All it does is spout out spam
    IMHO this is a contender for the quote of the year.

    Btw, are you planning to give us the revised version of last weeks poem?

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    IncGamers Site Pal Kitteh's Avatar
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    The SPF

    Re: SPF Poem

    Hmmmm... I haven't actually done it yet, I only want to do it when I'm in my darkest nights, because that is when the emotions, the voices and the feelings are the strongest.

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    IncGamers Site Pal Kitteh's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    The SPF

    Re: SPF Poem

    I also want to extend this one to include as many members as I can

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    IncGamers Site Pal pharphis's Avatar
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    Re: SPF Poem

    Ha! This is good. I agree with Freddy

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    IncGamers Site Pal queenEm's Avatar
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    Re: SPF Poem

    Kitteh!! You are truely adorable! :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by jjscud View Post
    There are no special rules for HC. I would suggest not dying though.

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    IncGamers Member djmbbandie's Avatar
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    Re: SPF Poem

    I agree with all of the above. This is good stuff.


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