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    A few problems with guides about item affixes and level requirements

    WARNING: Might take a while to read this.

    I have searched Arreat Summit, Diablo 2 wiki and various other sites many times when I have wanted to understand the mechanics behind various things concerning items in Diablo 2, usually finding what I have looked for. I have found some differences between Arreat Summit and other sources about the item affixes, gambling and level requirements of items and would finally like to find out what source to believe about them. Hell, might be I have just missunderstood what I have read but in any case, I need someone else to point it out for me now.

    Problem 1: Affix generation

    This is from Diablo wiki’s item generation tutorial:

    When an item is generated that has prefixes the alvl is calculated* from ilvl and qlvl as follows

    If (ilvl>99) then {ilvl=99}
    if (qlvl>ilvl) then {ilvl=qlvl} ;** see note below
    if (magic_lvl>0) then {alvl=ilvl+magic_lvl}
    if (ilvl<(99-qlvl/2))
    then {alvl=ilvl-qlvl/2}
    else {alvl=2*ilvl-99}
    If (alvl>99) then {alvl=99}

    Arreat Summit describes this with less detail but agrees on it, no problems here. So as an example let’s say I want that +2 skill prefix with affix lvl of 90 on my amulet. Amulets have qlvl of 1 so alvl = ilvl, meaning I need an amulet with ilvl 90+ right? Well, Arreat Summit has this to say:

    Selecting Prefixes/Suffixes in drops from Monsters

    When picking Prefixes and Suffixes, it will, among those that can occur on the specific base item being created, randomly choose from all those that has a qlvl<=ilvl+2.
    qlvl= The Level of the Magic Prefix or Magic Suffix. Look on those pages for the level listed next to each item.
    The ilvl is defined as the Monster Level for monsters. Fan sites typically have listings of monster levels.

    This would mean an amulet with ilvl of 88 could also get +2 to class skills, or a grand charm of ilvl 48 could get +1 skiller prefix. All the other sources, as well as 200+ Pgems spent on lvl 48 GC cubing suggest that this is bogus information. I just want to be 100% sure so I want to hear what you guys got to say about this.

    Problem 2: Gambling

    From Diablo wiki:

    Item levels are determined by an equation:
    ilvl = clvl + rnd[10] - 5
    (i.e. from clvl-5 to clvl+4)
    This would mean the gambler needs to be lvl 95 to have 100% chance of gambled amulets to be atleast lvl 90. Again Arreat Summit strikes back:

    Selecting Prefixes/Suffixes in Gambling
    When selecting which Magic Prefixes/Suffixes are available to be Gambled, the level of the Magical Prefix/Suffix is checked against the randomly chosen value in the range of +6 Levels/-3 levels of your character's level. So a Magic item with a Prefix level of 90 would be available at Character Level 84. The chance of getting that item also becomes better at higher Character Levels.

    Meaning a gambler of lvl 93 would have 100% to get amulets with ilvl 90+. I haven’t actually checked any sources other than Arreat Summit about gambling prior to reading the item generation guide so I was pretty shocked to see I have likely wasted a lot crafting materials on amulets that can’t even get +2 to class skills. Live and learn. I assume the item generation guide is again right, but would like to hear your opinions about this aswell.

    Problem 3: Level requirements

    Arreat Summit says:

    Item Level Requirements
    When items list a Level Requirement, the number listed is 75% of the highest prefix or suffix level (as shown on this page) on the item. For example, a weapon with a Meteoric(27) as the highest prefix (or suffix) would have a level requirement of 20. Rare Items do not list the magic prefixes and suffixes by name so you will have to figure out based on their stats what magic prefixes and suffixes are being used.
    Now let’s take a look at charms. Let’s say we a Sharp Grand Charm, no suffixes. Alvl of Sharp is 29 according to both Diablo wiki and Arreat Summit (All the guides I have checked have the same affix lvl values) and the lvl req of the charm is 21. Level requirement = 29 * 0.75 = 21.75 = 21 rounded down. Great, it works.

    Huh? Just rolled Grand Charm of Vita from baal charm with 45 life, alvl 91 but lvl req of 83. Level requirement = 91 * 0.75 = 68.25, dafuq? Another GC of sustenance with 30 life, alvl 45 but lvl req 37. Another example was GC with 41 mana, alvl 37 but lvl req 29.

    I did some testing with the german drop calculator and the 75% rule seems to work up to alvl of 30-35 but after that the lvl requirements are higher than expected. I didn’t manage to find any decend information about this so should I just assume that the level requirements are “hand written” and don’t follow any pattern? I’m really just wondering because Arreat Summit has started to look rather unreliable to me.

    The item generation guide of Diablo wiki is from patch 1.11 and afaik, nothing has been changed since except adding of the essences from bosses. Is the contradiction between Arreat Summit and other sources concerning problems 1 and 2 just due to old information from vanilla d2/ pre 1.09? I did play back then but wasn’t really interested in any theory behind the game so can’t say how it was.

    Apologies on the long post and any errors I have made. I did try searching but found no posts with answers to any of these problems. Thanks for reading and for any answers!

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    Re: A few problems with guides about item affixes and level requirements

    For 1 and 2 Arreat Summit is wrong. For problem 3 it's more complicated. As you said it works like that up to around lvl30. So after that it should be something like rlvl=[alvl*0.75+(alvl-30)*0.25]. That's just good approximation that came to my mind, NOT the actual formula if there is one at all. For example Ring of the Titan (alvl74, rlvl66) fits in that calculation but Ring of the Lamprey (alvl77, rlvl65) doesn't. And on top of that the second ring has lower rlvl with higher alvl.

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    Re: A few problems with guides about item affixes and level requirements

    I was about to plot the alvl of various items as a function of rlvl to see if I can find some sort of formula but looks like you have allready done it.

    It's pretty strange that an error like that alvl <= ilvl+2 has survived this long, almost feel like reporting these to the site admin there. Maybe it's from the fact that amulets used to have a magic bonus of 2 in ages past and someone misunderstood something somewhere... :P

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    Re: A few problems with guides about item affixes and level requirements

    Required levels for the affixes are defined in the game files, no formulas there.


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