Welcome to the Diablo: IncGamers Player Matchup Forum - a service to the Diablo 3 Community

A place to advertise guilds or look for and advertise for casual players


The same rules apply to this forum as the rest of the forums at Diablo: IncGamers. However the nature of this forum allows for some movement in those.

  • You can advertise a dedicated guild website.
  • Provide information about your guild. Don't just throw in a link for people to follow to find out what your guild is about. Sell it to them.
  • Update your initial thread with new any information. Do not bump with unnecessary spam in order to push the thread to the top of the forum. Periodic updates on clan activity are welcomed.
  • If you bump your thread with nonsense or get others to it will be deleted.

  • If you wish to create a thread looking for other players (not a guild), state in the title when you wish to play. For example: "Sat 16 June evening" or "Sun 16 Sep Day WD needed". This is more likely to catch the eye of other people looking to hook up who fit that criteria.

  • When creating your thread choose the correct Prefix from the drop down box above where you type the title of your post.

  • Do not advertise websites that offer hosting of guilds.
  • Do not advertise Diablo 3 websites.

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