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    Re: Blizzard rushed Monk's development

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
    The monk has potential to be incredible with a few simple changes. My biggest concern about the monk is the combo system and how restrictive it is. For almost any testable spirit spender you can't do generator lvl 1 > spirit spender -> generator lvl 2 since the animations are to long. My suggestions allow this simple sequence to be possible as well as more elaborate ones. I also have a few ideas on how the dash could be more useful and interesting. In the linked thread I go into great detail on how the monk could be improved. In the current form I'll probably pass on D3.

    I don't like the idea of a delay after Dashing Strike, because the whole point of the 1 second root (I thought) was to give us a chance to land a few quick combinations on a ranged opponent before they attempt to kite. I haven't payed as much attention to it as I have been trying out different classes lately to get a feel for what each one does, but I don't like the idea of that at all. So I'm totally with you there.

    As for the generator>spender>generator mechanic, I always thought it was a deliberate design decision by Blizzard. From the beginning, I never thought animation cancelling would make it to release. I think they are saying "if you want the third part of the generator combo, then you have to be committed to it"; in other words, generator>generator>generator is the main way to get the third hit payoff. I do believe speed of weapons and IAS affect the speed of your animations, so that may be one way to get around it.

    I guess in the end there are 2 ways to look at it. You look at it as a bad design decision, that they should give advanced players more freedom to either cancel animations or avoid animation delay through some other means (other than attack speed). The other side they may be looking at, is that their way forces a player to make some tough pro-con decisions about combat: Do you commit to the generator, or do you break it up with a spender? Is there an attack speed breakpoint where you can continue a generator chain after a spender? Does blizzard even want this to be possible?

    I'm not against your ideas because they could add an interesting dynamic to the monk, but I'm not sure it's what Blizz wants. I certainly wouldn't pass on D3 because of this if I were you... though that's your decision.

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