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    Re: Patch 16 Live a little early...

    Quote Originally Posted by DECOYBOY View Post
    feels about the same. maybe it's easier cuz everyone is running around with 2-4 dmg rings. i did notice there are lot more unique/champion packs than before
    I really really don't understand the decision to add rings to vendors here. Its basically.. spend a bunch of time recreating games to get your 2x Keen Rings of Wounding for your free +20 dps which basically trivializes the beta, again.

    I do however appreciate being able to buy a couple good 1h crossbows instead of having grrrrrrrrrind through it.

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    Re: Patch 16 Live a little early...

    i think since it's so close to release they figured what's the point in having people grind that pack of returned for rings

    not much


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