Forum Name: Raz Cain

Date: 09 April 2012

Versions Played: Only 1.13d since last install

Mod Status: RWM, ATMA

HC/SC Status: SC

Other Information: I finally grew tired of dealing with bots and lag on bnet and started SP again. Plus, I'm an item hoarder and hate muling there. Now I only play MP through Hamachi with my friend on a rare occasion.
-Never played open bnet
-I use ATMA for muling
-I don't have any ATMA bugged items
-I don't HF rush
-I have previously used but don't currently use modified .dll for multiple instances
-I haven't hotmuled Gheed's so far but probably will if needed
-I don't have any items from previous versions but I'm not against it

Probation Period Status: Probation