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    Would love some feedback on this PvM Poison build

    I've played a lot of D2 but have been away for a number of years and I was looking through some necromancer options and decided on poison. Specifically because it seems viable in Hell, poison nova seems like an engaging spell to use, it can be viable without top end gear, and it leaves a lot of points to distribute elsewhere. So I was hoping for some feedback on my proposed build.

    Poison Nova 20
    Poison Explosion 20
    Poison Dagger 20
    Skeleton Mastery 12
    Raise Skeleton 11
    Skeleton Mage 11
    Lower Resist 5
    1 in all curse pre-reqs for Lower Resist
    Clay Golem 1
    Golem Mastery 1
    Summon Resist 1
    Teeth 1
    Corpse Explosion 1

    Again any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I will be doing some soloing and playing with a friend who will be a Javazon. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Would love some feedback on this PvM Poison build

    I always forgo skeles on a nova build, and instead stick with a few revives and 20 in golem mastery for a near indestructible golem, preferably an iron golem (only 1 pt needed) made from something wicked.

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    Re: Would love some feedback on this PvM Poison build

    Mages are near worthless, even with lower resist. Don't waste points there. Corpse explosion also deserves more than one point, unless you have ridiculous +pnb the radius won't be big enough with 1 pt. 10-20 points in corpse explosion are generally needed.

    Skeleton mastery is a 1 pt skill - until you get 20 in raise you shouldn't invest more than 1 in mastery. (Unless you're going for revives of course)

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    Re: Would love some feedback on this PvM Poison build

    Novamancer might just be my favourite build (once you get enigma), and I feel it needs 20 in CE as well. 60 in poison stuff, and 1 in clay golem, summon res, golem mastery, and prereqs for lower resist. I personally put the few remaining points I had in lower resist, as it still made a few percent difference. Your golem will be near indestructable with only the 1 point, if you have enough + skills, and so unless you feel it's fragile I wouldn't invest more than the one point. Lower res, nova a few times, amp once something dies, CE chain. I found this worked very well, in cs, pits, WSK and trav. Revives might also be an okay idea for tanks if you're worried about getting hit, though I found the golem took almost all of the hits, and the mercenary the remainder. Since you're playing with a friend, having more tanks might be a good idea to help him out.
    Good luck!

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    Re: Would love some feedback on this PvM Poison build

    I've had a poison necro before and you need the CE. With only 11 points in SW and Mastery you'll have piss weak skellies that last about .2 seconds. 20 in GM is excessive because golems are easly recastable who cares if one dies every 10 minutes. I would recommend a fire golem for crowd control: he does a wonderful job of clustering enemies around him to nuke with a nova. Either that or an insight iron golem in which case sink a few extra points in mastery.


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