Looks like not too much action here but will see if anyone wants my junk. Just leave offer and Ill be checking all this weekend for any replies.

40 Junk jewels
Sup Dusk Shroud 7%ED
5OS Flail
Magefist 26%ED
6OS Phase Blade
Bonesnap 261%
4OS Sup Sacred Rondache 16% resist all
4OS Crystal Sword and Long Sword
4OS Scarab Husk 444ac
2 Terror Keys
toxic sc of str 100 over 5sec and 1 str..woohoo
Trang-Oul Claws
rare jewel req lv49 15%ED 14-44 fire dmg cold res 13% and 7%mf

Most junk but Im just having fun til D3 gets into swing so just post offers and I'll get with you as soon as I can.