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    Infiltrator Build

    Crazy buid for skipping some ingame areas. For example, you can rush through mini dungeons to treasure chest, located at the last floor.!aWf!ZabaaZ

    Avoid any combat and use all movement improvements. You can switch that build to agressive one, right after you reach the floor you needed.
    Use Vault (Tumble) only when you have full discipline or when you run near the group of mobs.

    EQUIPMENT: There is no skills with Ranged weapon requirement, you can switch to shield with a lot of Armor and Vitality gems. Also, "+Max Discipline" affix on items is very useful with that build.

    Tactical Advantage: Boost your speed very well.
    Hot Pursuit: There is no hatred spenders other than Impale for rare assassinations. That means you just have permanent +15% movement bonus almost all the time.
    Perfectionist: More Vaults = more speed.

    Your main skill. Grants a lot of mobility with Tactical Advantage.
    Displacement: Extra escape button. Also boost your speed with rune effect.
    Invigoration: More Tumbles!
    Cluster Grenades: Just attack skill which not requered ranged weapon or hatred (to support Hot Pursuit). Can be used to clear some destructible objects on your path (rune effect make this process easier).
    Spider Companion: Sometimes slowing effect can be helpfull when you trying to run away from a big guy.
    Chemical Burn: Since you always running with full Hatred, you can spam that skill to assassinate some lone champions.

    You can try similar build in beta and run from 3rd floor to Leoric avoiding all combat.!a!a

    P.S. Sorry for some grammar issues.

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    Re: Infiltrator Build

    Doesn't seem like he'll be able to kill much though. Seems pretty mobile, but what happens when you have to fight a group of enemies? I still kinda like it. What would be another option instead of chemical burn?

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    Re: Infiltrator Build

    It's all about skiping. You can run to unlock new waypoint or skip dungeon floor.
    Of course you cant fight with this build. Chemical Burn added just for lone champs assassination.

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    Re: Infiltrator Build

    I like it


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