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    Looking for a build that uses tiger strike, dragon tail and dragon talon

    Hi guys. I'm thinking of making a martial arts sin that uses Tiger strike, dragon tail, and dragon talon. Also for style reasons I want to use a two hander, atleast on one of the weapons switch.

    So far I'm thinking:

    20 Tiger strike: To be used with the big two hander for physical damage, and to charge up for tail
    20 Dragon talon: for CB against bosses, switch weapons maybe
    20 Dragon tail: For AOE fire damage
    20 Death sentry: For more aoe damage
    1: Other/prereqs.

    As far as gear is concerned, I thought of:

    eDeath colossus sword ( TS/DT switch )
    Rift+Stormshield ( Dtalon switch )
    Guillame's face
    Gore riders
    Highlord's wrath

    But here I got confused.
    The thing is, colossus swords are slow. With 100 ias ( 20 gloves, 20 highlords, 45 treachery, 15 ias jewel helm ), I can get it to 15 fpa which isn't so bad.
    But doing so I would lose dracs, which I don't want.
    BoS will speed it up to 13 fpa, which is good but then there's another problem.

    I would have to use fortitude instead of treachery. And the thing is, I really like fade. Not for resistances ( which are great too ), but for the damage reduction and reduced curse duration. I might have a lot of resist problems in not using treachery.

    also dropping treachery would decrease ias by a lot, I would only be able to get 14 fpa.

    Could use 'Oath' instead of 'death' but I want the deadly strike. It stacks with tiger strike so I would get double damage every time with Highlords, Gores and Guillames.
    Also the same setup would give me 100% cb on dragon talon, and death is also more damaging.

    I thought of blade fury too ( have an eth ribcracker, no zod ), but then I read that BF is bad with 2H weapons, and I don't like BF anyway.

    So.. any ideas here?

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    Re: Looking for a build that uses tiger strike, dragon tail and dragon talon

    Assassins are capped at 13FPA with 2h swords, 10FPA with other two handers. BoS is better suited to two handers if you don't want to be cramming all your equipment with IAS.

    Fortitude and BoS sounds like the way to go to me. Or Chains of Honour, but I guess you don't have that or you would have said.

    Ribcracker is a nice weapon and will probably allow you to use Fade. Tomby too if you can bear levelling to 84 before you get to use it.

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    Re: Looking for a build that uses tiger strike, dragon tail and dragon talon

    I would go for Fort and BoS, then make up the resists from Kiras. CBF also frees up the ravenfrost ring slot for another +skill or more leech if you need it.
    DR and more life leech can be gained from SoE, so the only thing you are losing is reduced curse duration. If a curse really bothers you, you could always TP for a heal.
    BoS also gives FRW which makes gameplay more fun.
    With regards to skills, I think Death is poor for a dragon tail build. Takes too long to charge the Tiger strike. Since the damage is calculated from the boots and not the weapon, I would go with a Lawbringer phaseblade as maxicek's guide suggests. That also gives you a PI solution (when the decrep procs), although you do lose corpses and makes DS redundant.

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    Re: Looking for a build that uses tiger strike, dragon tail and dragon talon

    Okay, I finally made my 'fightersin' as I like to call it, using weapon, shield and two handed weapon setup.
    It combines 3 builds, dragon talon+death sentry, TS/DT and TS+normal attack with a powerful weapon. The great thing about these skills is that they require so few skillpoints that one can effectively make such a combo.

    As I expected, the TS+normal attack is the weakest build. It's not only slow, but does total overkill on damage. 'Death' colossus sword is used for it- max deadly strike+tiger strike means that almost no monster can survive a hit from it. However it's a single target ability, it swings slow, and it's more of a novelty than anything, it gives an effective 'one hit killer' which is cool ( imo diablo always lacked the 1hk ability which is there in many weapons of other games, they should have put that on a rune maybe? ). Demon limb used for AR.
    TS/DT is okay in places where there are few fire immunes, but the charging up and kick thing is pretty annoying. Rift/stormshield used for this, it's quite fast.
    Dragon talon is the best, a fast attack that spews out orbs. Rift/storm used mainly for this, death for act bosses ( 100% cb )
    Death sentry speeds up all of the above because corpse explosion is awesome.

    Items are: Guillames face, highlords, treachery, 2/20 MA gloves, rift/stormshield, death, upped gores, nosferatu coil, RF, rare ring. It's a fade build, the sword swings at 16 fpa which isn't terrible, everything else is at max breakpoint.


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