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    quick question, best runner for pindle.


    I have a level 93 sorceress, pretty decent gear, got infinity/insight, cta.. harmony.
    Anyways, when i run pindle with her, i have to go from pain waypoint..
    I never knew i shouldnt activate it..

    So im expecting to do a lot of runs at pindle to find the griffon's eye i expect.

    Im therefore considering making a new character to rush through the game, by means of boosting my self from my second game/computer installation(got 2 lisences)

    and farming pindle with that character.

    What character would be most effective at this? Im thinking a barbarian, if itemfind works on pindle.. he explodes on death, so can you use find item on him?

    Also, how many runs would i expect to put in before finding a griffon's eye?
    I see people doing 5k and finding 1-2 griffons, then i see people doing 10 000+ and finding no one.

    ATM my runs take a bout 30-40sec with all the teleporting. I tried rolling new maps, but they basicly all are the same time..

    I kinda need that portal I guess.. to get the runtimes down in duration.

    Would also reduce the number of random deaths when i get instant-charged on entering pindles location, it doesnt happen often, but sometimes..

    my sorceress can field atleast 500MF and still kill him easily, would a melee class have it easy there, with that amount of MF on?

    my atma stash file holds 955 items, i got a lot of items, a few good ones too..
    I got some pointers when i asked for a trav barbarian, though pindle is a way easier task..

    The time expected to get a character up to the level needed for pindle is an issue too.


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    Re: quick question, best runner for pindle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalimora View Post
    ... Im thinking a barbarian, if itemfind works on pindle.. he explodes on death, so can you use find item on him?...
    Indeed, for a single-player (i.e. no temp-bans for fast runs) speed-runner against pindleskin, I don't think a barbarian can be matched. Find Item does work, and that extra ~50% drops means you can be a little-bit slower than any other character and make it up on the back end - but it's still possible to be roughly as fast with the barbarian as with the other builds. BTW Pindleskin's corpse will shatter sometimes if you have cold damage or if he spawns cold enchanted - but it's definitely a minority of the time.

    For build, I prefer a Whirling barbarian, but any build with nice power could work. The biggest advantage, imo, for the whirler is the excess of skillpoints you'll have to build up your supplemental skills (i.e. Find Item). Most of the time people recommend not putting many points into Increased Speed, but for single-player runs, a lot of your time is spent in town, so I've found ISpeed is a very good investment (my level95 Pindle runner has 9 hard points in IS, and wouldn't mind having more)... I don't run with Cannot Be Frozen, so it's possible to have my travel/whirling-speed slowed by receiving cold damage.

    For gear, there are two items I'd recommend pretty strongly... first is either an Azurewrath (unique Phase Blade) or Lawbringer (runeword) for the Sanctuary aura. This aura guarantees that Pindle would never be immune to your main damage type (i.e. physical for a whirler). It also "pulses" every couple of seconds, which has the benefit of interrupting random charges. The other item is easy to overlook, but it's the Ghoulhide gloves (unique heavy bracers) - these have scaling Attack Rating and Enhanced Damage bonuses against undead (as well as a little bit of mana leech)... they're kindof like a mini-Laying of Hands, but for damage-specialization against Undead instead of Demons.

    For MF, it's not too hard to get ~400 mf on first-kill, with over 600 on switch.

    Here's a quick summary of my own runner: 20 Whirlwind, Sword Mastery, BO, Find Item, 9 in Increased Speed, 4 in NatRes, and 1 in the usual 1-pointers. The merc has Reapers & a Might aura (and Shaftstop + VampGaze for damage reduction). For gear, the barb runs with:

    Grief PB + Azurewrath PB
    Tals Armor (Ptopaz) + Helm (Ptopaz) + Belt <--- nice leech, resists, & MF
    Tancreds Boots + Amulet <--- great MF from two otherwise un-great slots for a melee-MFer
    Gheeds + Sharp grand charms
    7% MF small charms
    switch: 2xAli Baba

    That amounts to about ~450 mf on first kill, with ~650 on hork. My computer's slow, but my pure blizzard sorceress runs Pindle in around 27 seconds average... my barb does it in 29-32 (including hork & pickups). Considering the barb has probably ~45% success on horking (~50+% minus corpse shattering), I think that's a pretty clear indication that the barbarian is better than the blizzsorc (which is justifiably considered one of the best MFers in the game).

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalimora View Post
    Also, how many runs would i expect to put in before finding a griffon's eye?
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

    In other words, it really is a matter of luck. I'm sure I'm over 15k Pindle runs in my life (wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to 25k), and have never had a Griffons Eye from him... but I did find it within my first ~25 Pits runs back when I started playing once upon a time - and I've never found it again.

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    Re: quick question, best runner for pindle.

    Berserker barb is the most efficient character for running pindle. click me

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    Re: quick question, best runner for pindle.

    Thanks for your splendid advice guys.

    Im a little lost at the moment, to wether i should be trying to find griffons or not..

    The point of getting it, is to damage the immunes i break with infinity, to get a faster killspeed.

    The targets i run upon which i break have mostly 100% Light resistance(arcane sanctuary), and 115%(pit).
    Broken these would have 100-17= 83 resist and 98 resistance..
    A griffon's eye would no doubt be a good asset, but probably not worth a week of constantly running pindle.

    I tried wearing crescent moon and my killspeed didnt improve that dramaticly. It helped of course.
    But the loss of the +skills were noticed, if one could have 3 weapon/shield sets instead of 2.. wee.

    I might just be a little spoiled here, cause most things just drop dead to my lightningspells now..

    Say my lightningbolt does 10 000 damage, if I do a crude and probably not 100%correct calculation like this..
    10 000 dmg meets 98% resistance, leaves 2% dmg of the 10 000 leaking through..
    Meaning 200dmg.
    Adding just one -5% resist facet increases that to 700dmg.
    add griffon and one facet and get -20% resistance aproximatedly.. and get 2 000 dmg.. which is ofcourse a whole lot better than 200, and would greatly improve my killspeed..

    But I find the pindle-running a bit daunting to be honest.

    I probably wouldn't need enigma for just pindles on a barbarian.
    I did alot of LK runs to get my infinity, and my luck weren't all that great, so I don't think I should try to go at it again, this time for 3 bers instead of 2

    Ah well, thanks again for the splendid input guys, and the builds both look nice.
    I probably will try a barbarian.. But not sure I will try pindling fulltime.

    My apologies for the messy post!


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