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    Double throw breakpoints

    Is the titanseal calculator correct for Double throw? I know it's inaccurate for frenzy.

    Basically I am trying to find the fpa for balrog spear+ghost glaive. The BS has 30 ias while the GG has none.
    It seems to give better fpa if I hold BS in main hand and GG in off hand, is that okay?

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    Re: Double throw breakpoints

    Quote Originally Posted by onderduiker View Post
    Okay, further tests indicate that the calculator should be accurate for Double Swing, Double Throw, Normal Attack, Throw and skills like Concentrate when equipping two weapons: it only seems to be inaccurate for Frenzy (I haven't checked Zeal, Feral Rage or Left Hand Throw).
    That's fine. Since only IAS on the primary weap counts and WSM is averaged you can have the BS primary above gloves.

    You could WSM-bug the setup by picking up and putting down the GG while keeping the BS above boots, but the gains are pretty small...


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