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    Re: Inferno no longer a linear difficulty

    I never traded in d2 so everything I had was found by me. because of this the game never became super easy since I never had the best of the best on every character. not sure yet how d2 will play out. I am sure with the Gold AH and crafting any time I find a piece of gear lacking I will solve it though this wont get me the top end items so I figure I will always have something to work towards.

    Over time it will be fun to start a new char and play with only the drops that char finds. No ah no crafting no shared stash. Of course that’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the road

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    Re: Inferno no longer a linear difficulty

    I did some trading, and mostly didn't like it. people on trading boards did not seem interested in getting something for their character as much as getting something they could re-sell. I wonder how often people would be messing around with that and not playing the game. no wonder they had to leech level up to 80 or so and into hell. they didn't have any time to actually play through because they spent too much on messing around with trading.

    I'll put it on my calendar to ask Hideo how many classes he's beat the game with a week or so out of release date.


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