Hey all

guys do you think we could file a petition for a separate offline mode for Diablo 3 ??

How will it work:
The system of offline should be a combination of the D2 system; where u have an offline mode with unlimited number of characters and a separate online mode which is equivalent to the current mode in the beta (limited to 10 characters per profile) and the SC2 system where u need to be online even in single player to get the single player achievements but if u aren't online then u can play but with no achievements (for story, builds testing and mayb hard-coring without the fear of latency or internet dropping).

Why it IS important:
1) Simply put it this way u will certainly face situations that u might not have internet (not all countries have internet every where as mister jay thinks) like going to a family place or travelling or working abroad or having low quality internet connection ..........etc, and that is one of many situations that all of us Will certainly face and at the beginning it might not seem a problem until it happens more than once.

2)a- Hardcore characters will be unplayable in later difficalties off-course not because of the challenge from monsters and difficulties but because of the challenge of latency or internet dropping or mayb server maintenance or updates!!!!!! cuz really if this happens with me and i see a fragile character such as my darling Wizard die in hell or nightmare because i had some *#@! high latency i may smash my PC and then never go back to Diablo 3 (Of-course i may not do this or will I won't know until release ) i know that this MAY be solved through the pause function but even this they don't have it implemented

2)b- Bashiok answer to this (hardcore c/cs facing latency ) was really really!! disappointing to the point that i wouldn't want to try a hardcore from the fear of frustration not from the pride of the challenge, because when my character die from a monster attack on a hell or inferno difficulty i would feel proud to have such an achievement but to die from latency or internet dropping that would be a disappointment

BTW i know that some may have written on such a topic and maybe the same solution but i really needed to share my thoughts and See what all off u think and how can we make Blizzard listen to this in an effective way much as they listened to followers (or was it luck)

thanks and Lots of love to u all 4rom Egypt