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    Want to start D2 again as Elemental Zealot

    So I basically have no current account. The last one was deleted cause I didn't log on for a long time. And I've read that an Elemental Zealot is the way to go to get to Hell and farm up some gear for future characters.

    I've searched a bit on the forum but I couldn't get a consensus of the general build. Can a kind member please give me a few bullet points to start off?

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    Re: Want to start D2 again as Elemental Zealot

    Well if you want to make an elemental zealot, there's three options. Holy fire, holy freeze, holy shock. There's also vengeance but that's not a zealot. The builds are all the same. Skills are:

    20 Zeal
    20 Sacrifice
    20 Holy X
    20 Resist X
    1+ vengeance, holy shield, sanctuary, redemption, salvation ( useful 1 pointers )

    Where X = fire, cold, lightning. Resist X gives synergy to the aura.

    Gear will depend on whatever you find. Generally you should be able to make 'Crescent moon' PB for a holy shock, which is the most damaging out of the 3. Holy freeze is slightly less damage but it slows stuff down. Holy fire is the weakest.

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    Re: Want to start D2 again as Elemental Zealot

    If you're starting a character purely to launch your other characters, then you'll be looking for MF (magic find). Zealots aren't really that great of MFers. Casters are the typical go to for this kind of thing. You could do a Hammerdin, but they can be expensive to get going. You're probably best off with a Sorc. But don't ignore the variable of how much fun you're having the builds. I think a lot of casters are pretty lame.


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